Papantonio Spotlights The Horrid Business Of Human Trafficking In New Book

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Published on 17 Oct 2021, 15:00
Via School for Startups Radio: Please welcome to the show, Mike Papantonio. He is senior partner at a law firm called Levin Papantonio Rafferty, one of the largest plaintiff firms in the United States, taking care of cases against big pharma, tobacco, weapon manufacturers and other bastions of corporate greed. But the reason we're going to be speaking with him today is about one of his new books, a legal thriller titled, "Inhuman Trafficking."

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Please welcome to the show, Mike Papantonio. He is senior partner at a law firm called Levin Papantonio Rafferty. He is one of the largest plaintiff lawyers in the United States taking care of cases against big pharma, tobacco, weapon, weapon manufacturers, and other bastions of corporate greed. But the reason we're going to be speaking with him today is about one of his new books. He has written about, I don't know, I lost count 10 books or something, in the fiction space, legal type thrillers, but he's also written some interesting books that caught my eye. One is called, "In Search of Atticus Finch," a book about how to be a lawyer, which I think would be fascinating. Mike, welcome to the show. How are you doing today?
Good, Jim. How are you doing?
I am well. Who is the greatest literary lawyer out there? Is it Atticus Finch? Is he our greatest?
I would say so.
Fiction lawyer.
Yeah, I would say so. He's had a big impact on a lot of lawyers over the years because, you know, he had, he had all those parts. His family mattered to him. His profession mattered to him. His community mattered to him and he wasn't afraid to jump into those tough cases. And a lot of times with lawyers these days, especially, I don't know what it is, I don't know whether it's a generational thing or what, but you find that lawyers are just unwilling to move outside of their, outside of their comfort zone. Kind of before we got on, I was telling you about your book, "School of Startups." That was one of the themes. You have to move outside your comfort zone. And Atticus Finch was somebody that always operated out of his comfort zone, but nevertheless, he had all those moving parts. And great father.
So how many books is it? Is it eight, nine books.
No, it's, it's.
How many fiction and how many nonfiction?
Okay. So there's, there's three, there's three fiction, excuse me, four fiction and three nonfiction. Yeah.
All for lawyers or about lawyers?
Yeah. The, the, the first, the first books that were the, the, the nonfiction books, they were actually kind of instructional, like you did with school of startups, which is to tell people that there are things that you ought to think about when you in your career want to do some remarkable things. And so they talked to lawyers about that. For some reason, right at the first few years of my practice, I was hitting very big verdicts in very difficult areas. And so I was called on to give speeches about what is it that, that you did different and so out of there came those three books, "In Search of Atticus Finch," "Resurrecting Aesop" and "Clarence Darrow, The Journeymen." And they were just really, they, they talked about the same thing, Jim, that you talked about in your books and that there's, there are some things that you need to be able to embrace and say, I need to change this aspect of what I do. And one of the, one of the constant themes is, as I say, that you seem to have some kinship with is you can't be afraid of rejection and you can't, you can't be afraid to try that new thing.
I'm a great dater Mike, because I don't have any fear with, of rejection, thousands of girls have said no to me and so.
Yeah. It's law of ave, it's kind of law of averages, isn't it?
That's right. You only need one to say yes.
Yes, that's correct.
You know, and I found two. So, anyway.

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