Poland: Hundreds protest against ongoing eastern border migrant crisis

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Published on 17 Oct 2021, 18:41
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Hundreds of protesters marched through Warsaw on Sunday, in a sign of disapproval towards the treatment of migrants on Poland’s eastern border with Belarus.

Migrants attempting to cross from Belarus into Poland have been finding themselves stranded in the border area between the two countries, amid push back from border patrols of both countries.

In a situation where people are dying at the border, it is our common civic duty to stand up for the weaker, to stand up for the persecuted and to expressly oppose the systemic, organised state violence,” said protester Marta Rabuszko.

"We consider deportations, forcing people through border wires, refusing to accept applications for international protection, refusing access to medical assistance, food or drink as torture,” added the protester

A number of protesters symbolically used emergency blankets as flags, to express both the urgency of the situation and in a reference to the first aid item being used by migrants on the eastern border at a time of cold weather.

At least seven migrants have died on the border in recent months, with a number of the cases being linked to hypothermia and exhaustion.

On September 2, a state of emergency was declared along the country's border with Belarus, amid a surge in migrant crossings. The state of emergency was further extended into the month of November on September 30, drawing criticism from human rights campaigners.

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