USA: Greg Foster keeps world record for most Reaper peppers eaten in one minute

Published on 18 Oct 2021, 13:48
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Greg Foster, winner of the world record for most Reaper peppers eaten in one minute, confirmed his title by winning the same challenge once again despite not breaking his record at the 8th annual Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn on Saturday.

"It's always an amazing show. I love doing the peppers. They're so delicious and hot, and I just love coming out to have a good time with my pepper family, my chili family, and to keep hold of that record. Nobody beat it yet," said Foster.

A crowd of people attending the expo stopped to cheer and watch the competitors eating and suffering at the same time.

Carolina Reaper peppers have a Scoville heat unit score of 2.2 million, which means that they are approximately 600 times hotter than a single jalapeno pepper.

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