Hybrid Work Is A Game Changer For This Working Mom | The Big Quit | GBH News

Published on 19 Oct 2021, 9:00
Jess Robison wanted to move beyond part-time freelance gigs and get back to full-time work after more than a year at home with a newborn and toddler. A digital product designer, she ruled out opportunities in Boston and Cambridge, the heart of the region’s tech industry, because of the long and often unpredictable commute to and from her home in Acton, MA.

“If you wanted to work at one of the big tech companies, you had to be in person,” she recalled. “They wanted butts in seats.”

She took a job she didn’t hate, but she didn’t love because it offered an easy commute. Then COVID hit and when Robison, 36, finally did start job hunting again, the landscape had changed completely. Companies, including some of the biggest names in tech, promised employees they could work from home forever. There was also another option on the table and, for Robison, it was ideal: hybrid work.

“I think the pandemic changed the options for someone like me looking for a job, because, now, it wasn’t like finding that partially remote job was a needle in a haystack,” she said.

The nature of remote work has also changed, she said, and no longer meant settling for less pay or less interesting work. “Now I can work on really anything, and every company is doing it.”