Big Trouble For Matt Gaetz As Judge Postpones His ‘Wingman’s’ Sentencing

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Published on 19 Oct 2021, 17:00
On Monday, a federal judge agreed to once again postpone the sentencing of Joe Greenberg, the associate of Matt Gaetz who is cooperating with authorities. Greenberg's lawyers had requested an extension because Greenberg is being such a good cooperating witness, and for the second time the court agreed. This bad news for everyone involved in the scandal, including Gaetz himself. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why this gives us renewed optimism that Gaetz might finally go down.

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Bad news for Matt Gaetz and all of the other individuals involved in the trafficking investigation down here in Florida, as yesterday, a federal judge finally decided to grant Joel Greenberg's request for a delayed sentencing because he's being such a good cooperating witness. Now, this request was actually made almost two weeks ago by Greenberg and his attorneys. And if you'll remember, Joel Greenberg is the indicted former Seminole county tax collector. He is the man at the center of this investigation. He is what's been referred to as the wingman of Matt Gaetz. He has lots of communications with Matt Gaetz. He helped set up company for Matt Gaetz and I don't mean like a business type company, I mean personal company, according to some of the messages that have been revealed to the public. So yeah, this is really, really bad news for Matt Gaetz.

And honestly, it's kind of ironic, right? Because just yesterday I was saying that I'm losing hope, you know, at the beginning of this, I thought for sure, Matt Gaetz is going down. Then started to get a little iffy. Then more evidence came out, the text messages showing that Greenberg was specifically setting up girls for Matt Gaetz, all those Venmo receipts and I thought, okay, yes. Now I have optimism again. But then time passed too much. Nothing happened. I lost it again. But the fact that Greenberg can now get a second delay in his sentencing means that he is providing material evidence that is so valuable to these pro, prosecutors, that they don't want to put him behind bars yet. Not to mention the fact the guy was originally hit with 33 different charges, but he ended up only having to plead to six of them, six, down from 33. That is huge. So Greenberg has the receipts. We know he has the receipts and sometimes quite literally the actual receipts receipts.

And we know that he is cooperating to the fullest extent of the law and we know that if he does not fully cooperate, he could be hit with those remaining, what would it be, 27 charges if he does not fully comply with the plea agreement that he worked out with prosecutors. And again, all of this is likely, likely bad for Matt Gaetz, given the information we already know that Greenberg has turned over. But let's also not forget there's several other individuals that were named in Greenberg's indictment as unnamed co-conspirators. So we don't know who they are. There were five of them total. We're assuming one of them is Matt Gaetz. So that leaves four other individuals. Most likely, it may be Matt Gaetz isn't even one of them. We don't even know that. So, you know, we can't get our hopes up too high, but who are these other individuals? Are they just low level idiots down here in the state of Florida? Or are they high powered politicians? Time will tell.

Eventually more indictments will come in this case. But at this point we do all have to be patient. You know, he didn't get a delayed sentencing at this point just because he has a couple more days of cooperating to do. This is probably weeks or months into the future when we might see more possible indictments because it's not just Greenberg giving up the information, the investigators, the prosecutors, they have to verify and validate it because he can give them all the information they want.