Joe Manchin Has Decided He Wants Poor People To Suffer

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Published on 19 Oct 2021, 18:00
Corporate Senator Joe Manchin has decided that he just wants to be evil, and he is now demanding that the expanded Child Tax Credit be cut to ONLY families making $60,000 per year or less, and he wants to add in work requirements. These payments, which normal Democrats are trying to make permanent, have had a significant impact on child poverty and financial stress for families, but Manchin has decided to arbitrarily call for them to be cut down. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this monstrous move by Manchin.

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Corporate Senator Joe Manchin had a meeting with Bernie Sanders yesterday. We're not exactly sure at this particular moment what happened during that meeting, but obviously Bernie Sanders and Manchin have been going back and forth at it for many days now, with Bernie wanting to get the full three and a half trillion dollar budget reconciliation bill passed for the American public, the build back better act is officially its name, and Manchin wanting to just cut the hell out of it for no other reason than he's a. And yesterday, one of Manchin's demands was revealed, and this was what he said during a recent meeting with president Joe Biden, he wants to cut that extended child tax credit. You know, that payment that millions of Americans have been getting for the last couple months here.

That's supposed to go all the way through the end of the year, but the build back better act actually makes it permanent through the year 2025, direct cash payments to the American public. Manchin wants to stop it. Not entirely, but he wants to knock it down from an income threshold of 150,000 down to 60,000. So he wants to cut the requirements by more than half and of course he wants to have a work requirement in there. You know, just like a good little Republican, because if you're not working, obviously you don't deserve to be taken care of by the federal government because Manchin is buying into that old Republican talking point that if you're not working, it's only because you're lazy,.

But he wants to cut that income threshold from 150,000 to 60,000 for a fricking family, $60,000 a year when you have, you know, two, three kids is not enough money. I know. I lived off an income of slightly under that for many, many, many years with four children and it was not enough. We couldn't afford prescriptions. We couldn't afford basic car maintenance. The only reason we even had a house is because we found a very cheap one that was being foreclosed on and got it for a steal of a deal. I've lived the life that Joe Manchin says should be plenty for people to get by on. I've lived it. He hasn't. And plenty of people watching this segment right now are living it right now, too. Let's go with some facts here. This is from the Washington Post.

The money is helping millions of families. Even after just one payment, which is back in July when the first payment came out, the child poverty rate fell to 11.9% in July down from 15.8% in June. In addition to lifting families just above the poverty level, the payments could also give people a chance to get better financial footing for the future. For 56% of families receiving just the first monthly child tax credit payment in July reduced financial anxiety, another 40% said it was helpful to their family budget. So more than half of the people who received it said, yes, this relieved our financial anxiety. And not to mention, by the way, if we were to follow Manchin's advice and cut it from 150,000 a year down to 60,000 a year, you would still end up with 60% of the people receiving the payments.

So we're not even talking about a big savings here. So he can't argue that we have to do this because we have to save money on it because most of the people already meet that $60,000 a year threshold.