Fox News BUSTED Using Koch Linked Activist To Pretend To Be ‘Concerned Parent’

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Published on 19 Oct 2021, 19:00
Fox News continues to try to whitewash who some of their "everyman" guests are, and just last week they trotted out a man who they claimed was "not an activist" and was just a "concerned parent" and a Democrat. But it turns out that the man is a leader in an activist group that has staffing links to Koch organizations, and he spends a decent amount of time attacking Democrats on Twitter while working with a group supporting a Republican candidate. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins talks about this scam that the network is running.

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Last week Fox news had a guest on the air who was labeled as a concerned parent and they also identified him as a Dem, Democrat, apparent from the state of Virginia, man by the name of Harry Jackson. And Jackson was talking about how he's gone to these school board meetings and, you know, he's not happy with the, the mandates that they're wanting to put on children. It's tyranny, he says, and he's just a concerned parent, right? He's definitely not an activist. They, they made a point to say that he is not an activist and the reason Fox news made the point to say that is because it turns out Harry Jackson is 100% a Republican activist working with individuals with links to the Koch foundation, the Koch brothers, of course, this is what happens. You know, by the way, this is not the first time in recent years, that Fox news has been busted, bringing on so-called concerned parents.

Concerned citizens, oh, a concerned student here and there from college. And it always turns out, oops, they're actually, you know, they work for the college Republicans. They, they work for this Republican organization. It always happens. CNN has done it too, by the way, in some of their little town halls where they just had a bunch of concerned people. No, you actually had members of the Trump local state campaigns as part of your little focus groups here. Let me read this from Judd, Judd Legum, here it is. Jackson is part of the quote leadership team of parents defending education, which is a dark money group that was created earlier this year. In a recent tweet, the group said that it intends to quote, build a grassroots army to begin reclaiming our K through 12 schools. The group says it's nonpartisan, but Legum says the group does have ties to the Koch brothers political operation.

The president of PDE is Nicole Neely who also serves as the president of speech first another self-proclaimed, proclaimed grassroots organization, that targets college campuses. Neely has refused to disclose speech first donors, but its board includes a former head of a Koch backed trust and two conservative attorneys from Koch funded programs. It gets even better. Jackson is heavily involved in educators for Youngkin, which is part of the campaign of Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin for governor of the state of Virginia. Jackson publicly claims to be a Democrat, but he frequently attacks Democrats on his Twitter account and of course you're part of a group that's working to elect a Republican. So it's, it's not exactly a Democrat thing here. Bottom line is this folks, Fox news is filled with bull crap, day in, day out. They produce more manure than a dairy farm. They trot these people out and if it wasn't for people like Judd Legum out there doing this behind the scenes work, finding out who the hell these people are.

We'd never know. So we do have some really good journalists out there, folks. We do have people like Judd Legum willing to do the leg work so that the rest of us can understand what exactly is happening out there. You know, he made all these connections, found all these individuals, linked them back to their other organizations. That's great work. And we don't see a whole heck of a lot of that in the media today.