Trump's New Social Media Site Immediately Taken Offline Due To Spammers

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Published on 22 Oct 2021, 16:00
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Donald Trump's new social media site, Truth Social, is already off to a horrific start. Because he didn't have the foresight to register his own name for himself, spammers flocked to the site and snatched up all the prominent Republicans names, including Trump's, and began to post inappropriate messages and pictures, forcing the site to completely shut down and suspend ALL registered users. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains how things went so horribly wrong.

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Donald Trump's new social media site, truth social, was released this week in I guess what you would call a soft launch. And because Donald Trump is so bad at this, the site was completely taken offline within a matter of hours due to the fact that nobody on Trump's end had the foresight to go ahead and register usernames like Donald Trump, Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, and a whole host of other high value names of Republicans who we all know as household names. And because they didn't register those names, of course, the spammers came in, scooped up those names and then began sending out messages with profanity. They sent out very inappropriate imagery via those accounts, pretending to be those officials, which then led truth social to have to not just suspend those accounts and disable them. They disabled all registered accounts, took the site down and prevented anyone from being able to sign up.

Again, this happened hours after this new social media project of Donald Trump's launched. Now, everything's okay now. It's back up and running in case you want to go join truth social for some bizarre reason, but this shows you how incompetent these individuals truly are and what a disaster this media venture is going to be. Trump has secured $300 million to get truth social off the ground. And of course there is the issue that some of the investors didn't know Donald Trump was going to be involved in the project. So, if they wanted to file a lawsuit for defrauding investors, they actually already have a pretty good case. So you could say that the launch of this new social media site literally could not have gone worse. Like, every horrible thing you could imagine has already happened. You know, all they need now is like some kind of massive data breach where they leak users' information out there on the internet.

That's about the only bad thing that could happen, that hasn't happened to them yet. But here's the thing. We already know this thing is going to be a complete and total failure, a total failure, excuse me. And we know that because we can look at all of these other right wing social media sites. How's Parler doin, huh? How's Gab? How's Mike Lindell's Frank Speech, huh? They just burning it up over there with the users, people signing up left and right and millions and millions of people every day, getting their news from Parler, Gab and Frank. No, that hasn't happened. In fact, throughout the year, we have seen users leaving those sites because as they say, it's boring. It turns out conservatives actually like social media so that they can argue with people with a, with opposing viewpoints.

You can't do that when the entire website is made up of every single person who agrees with you. And of course, on Trump's truth social, there's a lot of rules. The number one being, you can't make fun of truth social or you will get kicked off. So, so much for being the beacon of free speech and truth, right? This thing is going to be a total failure. A lot of people who were promised to make a lot of money are instead going to lose a lot of money.