Things Just Got So Much Worse For Matt Gaetz As DOJ Brings In Specialized Prosecutors

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Published on 22 Oct 2021, 17:00
The US Department of Justice has brought on two specialized prosecutors to work on the Matt Gaetz investigation, and both of them are experts in dealing with witnesses who have been psychologically manipulated. This is a strong indication that the DOJ might believe "payments" Gaetz made to some of the young girls for things like "tuition" may have been his way of manipulating them into sexual activities. Everything will come out in the end, but this has to be a development that Gaetz is dreading. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Well, when it rains, it pours and Matt Gaetz has found himself smack dab in the middle of a thunder storm this week. Obviously bad news erupted earlier this week for Matt Gaetz when his wing man, Joel Greenberg, was granted a delay, a second delay actually, in his sentencing hearing. But throughout the week, more and more information slowly started to trickle out. Like the information that, uh-oh, the secret service is actually part of the investigation. They're actively conducting investigations, possibly, we don't know for sure, but possibly trying to determine if there was any kind of financial incentive offered for a presidential pardon on behalf of any of the individuals being investigated. But the big news dropped on Thursday afternoon and that news was that the United States department of justice has brought on even more prosecutors to work on this case against Matt Gaetz.

The two prosecutors they brought in their specialties are what should be exceptionally concerning to Matt Gaetz because these two prosecutors actually specialize in victims who have been psychologically manipulated. Basically they work with victims, you know, victims of abuse, victims of trafficking, who didn't realize that that is what was happening to them due to the psychological manipulation that occurred at the hands of their abusers. So why is that relevant to Matt Gaetz? Think back to the beginning of the scandal, think back to all those Venmo and PayPal receipts, Matt Gaetz out there paying for tuition, paying for books, paying for gas money, paying for all kinds of things for these young girls who just thought, oh wow, what a sweet, nice congressmen. It is possible that the US department of justice believes that Matt Gaetz making these friendly payments to the girls was in fact, psychological manipulation.

Perhaps, and again, this is pure speculation because we do not know, we are not a part of the case. This is just trying to use the information that is available to try to paint a picture. So what they could be looking at here is, was Matt Gaetz psychologically manipulating these young ladies by paying for tuition, paying for gas, paying for all their little needs, odds and ends here and there in order to get them to perform sexual favors on him? That is what I believe is taking place. Again, I am not a part of this investigation. I do not work at the DOJ. So I do not know for certain. We're just trying to piece the pieces together and right now that seems like the most obvious and most logical conclusion as to what is happening here. And by the way, that is not limited to just Matt Gaetz. This could also be with, with Greenberg himself. It could be with any of the other so far unnamed co-conspirators because don't forget that either.

There is a lot of people that were listed in the indictments against Greenberg, but their names were not listed. So this could be about Gaetz. It could be about anybody else. But smart money right now says it's on Gaetz because we know for a fact, he was making these very suspicious payments to these young women and likely getting favors in return based on the available information, based on the Greenberg confession letter. And based on the texts that we have seen from Greenberg himself. So Matt Gaetz is in trouble.