Ted Cruz Tries To Harm Democrats But Ends Up Introducing Decent Legislation

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Published on 22 Oct 2021, 19:00
Ted Cruz wanted to have a "gotcha moment" with Democrats, but ended up producing legislation that is actually pretty good. His new legislation, which has absolutely no chance of passing, would force wealthy areas like Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket to take in some of the migrants that are coming across the southern border. While he's attempting to show that Democrats wouldn't be happy with this, the legislation honestly isn't a bad idea, as it would take vast areas of land that is being hoarded by the elite and give it to those who actually need it. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Ted Cruz would much rather be a professional troll than a, you know, legitimate Republican Senator. He's always trying to engage with folks on Twitter, people much smarter than him and much more quick witted than him, and he always loses. So he decided this week, I'm going to stop for a moment, trolling all these people on Twitter and instead I'm going to go troll the US Senate it, itself, with a ridiculous piece of legislation that I know is going to be at gotcha on the Democrats. And in doing so, Ted Cruz accidentally, certainly not intentionally, but he accidentally introduced a, a pretty decent piece of legislation that I actually support. Let me just read it in Ted Cruz's own words.

He said that Texas border communities are struggling to deal with a massive influx of illegal immigrants. That's why today I am introducing this crucial legislation to alleviate the massive overload at the Southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat led communities such as North Hero Vermont, where Bernie Sanders spends his summers and Martha's Vineyard where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties. He also, is introducing new ports of entry in Newport and block island in Rhode Island, Greenwich, Connecticut, governor's island in Scarsdale in New York, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Palo Alto and Yountville and St. Helena, California. So Martha's Vineyard, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont. Oh God. What's so bad about that, right? Do it.

I, I don't understand the gotcha here. Like ha, you've got to deal with these people. Cool. Bring them in. We'll help them. We'll do what needs to be done so that we don't have to lock them in cages. I'll tell you another thing, Ted, even though this is a red area, why don't you go ahead and create a port of entry right here, Pensacola, Florida. I'd be more than happy to have that happen down here. But actually you don't because we already have a, a large illegal immigrant population that are employed in various industries around here and they're actually vital to our economy. But no, no Republicans down here want to talk about that, how you exploit that cheap labor, and then you go out there with your talking points of, oh, these immigrants are so bad, but don't look behind the curtain at this, you know, fish house over here because you're going to find nothing but illegal immigrants. That's what happens, folks.

Republicans don't actually hate immigrants. Hell, corporations definitely don't hate immigrants. They use them as cheap labor and that is why these individuals continue to come over here. But maybe if we did send them to some of these other places, maybe if we did have ports of entry in Martha's Vineyard or up in Vermont, maybe we could prevent these people from being taken advantage of because they would be in more friendly areas where Democrats don't want to exploit them the way that Republicans have. So I know Ted Cruz was trying to be ironic with his piece of legislation here, but let me tell you I completely support it and I think it's a good idea. And even though it has no chance whatsoever of actually becoming a law, I'd have no problem if it did.