5 Advisors To Kyrsten Sinema Resign To Protest Her Obstruction

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Published on 22 Oct 2021, 20:00
Five members of Senator Kyrsten Sinema's advisory panel resigned this week in protest over the person that she has become. Rather than working for her constituents, the advisors say that she is doing absolutely nothing to help them and is instead just obstructing progress. The worst part is that there is no apparent reason (other than the campaign cash she's receiving) for this to be happening, as her chances at winning another election are getting slimmer by the day. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Yesterday, it was reported that five members of Kyrsten Sinema's advisory council resigned together after claiming that the Democratic Senator no longer represents constituents, but instead represents big donors and has become one of the chief vehicles of obstruction in Washington, DC. Here's the exact statement. She's become one of the principle ob, obstacles to progress, answering to big donors, rather than your own people. We shouldn't have to buy representation from you and your failure to stand by your people and see their urgent needs is alarming. Very well put, very accurate, as well. Kyrsten Sinema has had quite the evolution as a human being in just the last 10 years. Now, she actually began as a green party activist, you know, really over to the far left, you know, folks have been going through her Twitter feed for weeks now, pulling all these old tweets where she calls for major progressive changes here in the United States. The very things, by the way, that she is actually now fighting to get removed from the build back better act.

And now she's losing her staffers as a result of her obstruction and because of her manipulation at the hands of the big donors, and she knows she's being manipulated, she just chooses to not care about it. But here's the bigger question. What's in it for Sinema? Because the answer is not just money from big donors. We know that big money, you know, corporate money, whatever you want to call it, influences these politicians every single day. And that guides a lot of their decisions. But the reason the corporate money is able to do that is because they use that corporate money to run for office again. Sinema is exceptionally unique here because when you look at the polling data, her decision to abandon her constituents for the big donors is killing her career. So it doesn't matter how much money she gets from these big donors. The more she gets for her reelection, the less likely it is she'll be reelected. So it's a lose, lose situation for everybody. You know, we don't get the good pieces of the build back better act and Sinema loses next time she's up for reelection. That's what's going to happen.

I mean, the polls are already showing right now she would lose to a progressive primary challenger. Her approval rating is getting lower week by week. So it can't just be about the corporate money. There has to be something bigger there because we know she sees these poll numbers. We know she knows she's killing the future of her career in the United States Senate. So her end goal has to be beyond the US Senate. So what is it? You want to make the big bucks becoming a lobbyist? You want to go actually work for one of these corporations that's giving you money? Which one is it? Because it has to be one of those things. Otherwise your sole purpose in Washington, DC seems to be to show the world how corrupting corporate money can be. So either this is some kind of routine where you're just spoofing American politics, and you're going to pull the mask off eventually and show us like, ha ha. I'm just showing you how corrupt the system is. Or you're angling for a better position far beyond the US Senate. So you don't care what happens with your tanking poll numbers.