Nestlé Moves From Stealing Water In California To Florida & FDA Warns Xeljanz Linked To Cancer

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Published on 23 Oct 2021, 15:00
Via America’s Lawyer: It looks like Nestlé won’t stop drinking more than its fill, as officials across the country continue to grant the company freshwater extraction permits. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more. Plus, the FDA is again resorting to damage control, now warning the public about Xeljanz, a rheumatoid arthritis drug approved in 2012 that’s been linked to heart disease and cancer. Attorney Sara Papantonio joins Mike Papantonio to explain the dangerous results from recent safety trials, while the drug still hasn’t been pulled from pharmacies.

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Nestle isn't satisfied with just sucking all the water out of California. Now they're moving into other environmentally sensitive parts of the country. Joining me now to talk about this is Farron Cousins. Farron I have to tell you this, I get more emails that say, and I believe this and I stick by it, you honestly are one of the best progressive talkers in this business.
Well thank you.
I, and I, I have no reason to say that other than the fact, I get covered up with emails, Pap, this guy's great. He's great. You are. You just do such a great analysis and thank you for that. So, so let's hit this. We've talked about Nestle in the past. They're like a moving mob, aren't they? I mean, they're locust.
They, they, they, they really are. And as they continue to suck all the water out of California, now they're coming down to these environmentally sensitive areas of the state of Florida. And, you know, you've got this hyper-partisan Suwanee river management board that gave them the green light to start pumping, I think 400 million gallons a year from Ginnie Springs, right around Suwanee. Even though you had a public in this entire area that said, no, we do not want Nestle to move in this area. We've seen what they've done up north. We sees what they've done out west. We've seen how Nestle operates. Don't let them come in. And this nine member panel said, well, we hear your concerns.
But we're going to ignore them.
But we're going with the money.
Yeah. And so what this, what this panel of buffoons is the best way for me to say it, they're absolutely buffoons. I'd like to, matter of fact, I have a list. Maybe we'll put it up on the screen. But this panel of buffoons, this is the deal. Nestle, you can come in here and take 400 million gallons of water from our spring, from our aquifer, every year. And you know what, all you have to pay is $115, $115 is what they're paying to get this.
Right. I, I mean, that's a little cheaper than the permit they got out in California to take billions of gallons. But what Nestle is going to do here, the same thing they're doing in California, you pump water out of the source, which they're going to go to the source of Ginnie Springs. And they're going to argue that, look, look in the immediate area around Ginnie Springs, you still have just as much water. And that may be true because that's what they argue in California. But it's what happens downstream. You're not starving the immediate area, you're starving the flow of the body of water, the flow of the aquifers, and you end up starving the people downstream that depend on this.
So, okay, California, let's, let's change. California has been in the worst drought that they've seen in decades. They, they can't do anything about it. The state is burning up. It is in embers. And so Nestle is still sucking hundreds of millions of gallons out of their aquifer and nobody seems willing to push back. What is it about Nestle that, that, where they simply dominate the environmental policies of these states? What's going on?
Well, I think what Nestle has working for them is being a multinational corporation with billions of dollars at your exposure, or disposal, excuse me, they have one of the most sophisticated PR machines.

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