Trump Supporters Are Going Door To Door In Florida Looking For Voter Fraud

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Published on 23 Oct 2021, 17:00
Trump supporters in the state of Florida are so hellbent on finding voter fraud in the state that they have started going door to door trying to verify if people's mailing addresses match their voting records. And this is happening in a state that Trump actually won! These supporters are clearly suffering from some kind of delusion, but these are the kind of feeble-minded individuals that the Trump family preys upon. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Donald Trump won the state of Florida with 51% of the vote, but the actual like, vote margin between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, was one of the largest we have seen here in the state of Florida in 20 years. So Trump handily defeated Joe Biden here in the state of Florida. But that's not good enough for the crazy MAGA crowd, because what they're doing now, a group called defend Florida. I'm not kidding. They're literally in some counties going door to door, making sure that you are who you say you are and that the address that you live at matches what's on your voter registration. Now, how these weird wackos got their hands on your voter registration is beyond me. To, to me, it seems like that should be a thing that's investigated because they shouldn't actually even have access to that as far as I know, right?

You, you can't just access everybody else's voting information and get all their personal details so that you can go to their house and knock on their door and say, hey, are you Susan Smith? And, uh, you know, 85 main street here. Okay. Let me see your ID. You can't do that. You can't have that information. So I, I think we're probably missing the bigger story by not going after this defend Florida group. So I want answers as to how they got this information. But of course the immediate story is the fact that they're literally going door to door, trying to find voter fraud. This is something that Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, actually recently suggested. He said he was putting a team together. They were going to go door to door. They were going to find that fraud. And it's just kind of funny, right? Because wasn't it Republicans who for decades told us Democrats were going to come door to door and take your guns?

And then recently they said, Democrats are going to come door to door and demand to see your vaccination cards, or they're going to go door to door and forcibly vaccinate you. And yet here we have Republicans, Trump supporters, literally going door to door, asking who you voted for. I guess, asking to see your voter registration card, pretending to be official. This whole thing reeks of illegality, by the way. Republicans are the ones going door to door. Republicans are. The thing they always feared the Democrats would do they're the ones now doing it. And ain't that always the case here, folks, right? It's always projection. You know, oh, Democrats are going to do these horrible things, but we're actually going to be the ones doing the horrible things, by the way. And you're going to be totally okay with it because we're Republicans. No, this is horrendous. This again, reeks of illegal activity. How are we getting reports that people are doing this instead of reports that people got arrested for trying to do this. This is insane.

And again, this is in a state that Trump won. Okay. There's no widespread voter fraud. Florida's own secretary of state already said, yeah, we don't have it. We're not going to do a ballot audit in these areas because it's stupid. Trump won. Shut the hell up. But they can't shut the hell up and they can't stop this quest to find non-existent voter fraud. You would have better luck going out and finding Bigfoot at this point than you would in finding mass voter fraud that flipped the election from Trump to Biden. But that's not going to stop these idiots from looking.