Manchild | Episode 311 (October 22, 2021)

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Published on 24 Oct 2021, 18:59
In this episode it’s an all out dunk fest on Senator Joe ManCHILD (got ‘eem). We’ll talk about whether or not he’s Demexiting, his corruption, and progressive Senators calling him out. We’ll also discuss Kyrie Irving’s anti-vax stupidity, Tim Pool’s hot take on ‘Squid Game,’ Madison Cawthorn’s insanity, the continued fallout from Dave Chappelle’s TERF arc, Dennis Prager’s bug chasing, and much more. We’ll also speak with 2022 congressional candidate Daniel Wilson about his campaign. Enjoy!

Ed Markey Issues Warning to Manchin:
Democrats Should Call Manchinema’s Bluff:
Squid Games Director Says Show is About Capitalism:
Democrats Compares India Walton to David Duke:
Howard Stern Mocks Kyrie Irving:
Kyrie Irving is a Flat Earther:
Madison Cawthorn is a Predator:
David Sirota Shreds Manchin’s Entitlement:
Florida School Requires Vaccinated Students to Quarantine for 30 Days:

0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
2:40 Manchin Seethes Over Bernie’s Op-Ed
8:45 Ed Markey Calls Out Joe Manchin
21:04 Jon Stewart’s Reality Check for Mainstream Media
36:25 Dennis Prager Got What He Wanted: COVID
44:51 Anti-Vax School Quarantines Vaxxed Students
51:33 Tim Pool’s Hot Take on ‘Squid Game’
1:02:32 The Must-See Attack Ad on Joe Manchin
1:09:23 Bush and Bowman Dismantle Media Narratives
1:22:56 India Walton Smears by NY Dem Party Chair
1:31:12 Howard Stern Dunks on Kyrie Irving
1:40:36 Madison Cawthorn Wants Boys to be Monsters
1:47:39 Is Manchin Leaving the Democratic Party?
1:52:43 Netflix’s Trans Employees Stage Walkout
2:07:29 Interview with Daniel Wilson
2:48:36 Outro

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