Surgical Mesh Products Found To Be Defective & Study Discovers PFAS Toxins In Top Makeup Brands

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Published on 25 Oct 2021, 15:10
Via America’s Lawyer: Attorney Robert Price joins Mike Papantonio to explain how doctors are being swindled by producers of surgical supplies, specifically defective hernia mesh, unnecessarily endangering the lives of patients. Plus, disturbing new findings point to over a hundred everyday makeup products that have been contaminated with PFAS toxins. Attorney Sara Papantonio joins Mike Papantonio to break down how both regulators and manufacturers are to blame for these dangerous “forever chemicals” making their way into a laundry list of items being sold on store shelves.

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Boston Scientific has reached a $188 million settlement nationwide over it's phony marketing claims about certain surgical mesh products. These products were found to be totally unnecessary for most procedures and ended up causing extreme pain and bleeding among patients, per, absolute permanent injury. I've got Robert Price with me, who was one of the lawyers that made all that happen, has been involved with the mesh case for a long time. Robert, tell us about this litigation, but fill us in about what this is about. What was the case about, why the settlement and what's ahead of us?
Thanks, thanks for having me on, Mike. So the Boston Scientific settlement was a settlement about the pelvic mesh products, which were products that were implanted in women to treat incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse and things like that.
And you worked that case as well.
We've been working that case and many other manufacturers for over 10 years. And essentially this, this was a settlement on behalf of AGs around the country that found that Boston Scientific had misled consumers, misled doctors about the true risks associated with the devices.
Okay. So give us a recap on what you're doing right now.
So what we're doing now is we see a lot of these same manufacturers did the pelvic meshes also have done hernia meshes for many years, and it's the same by-product, it's the same synthetic plastic polymer used to repair hernias, as well as the pelvic organ issues as we just talked about as well.
Well, you're talking about the material. The, but the thing that struck me is when you discovered that they were using nonmedical grade material. Talk about, they're using non, they're using fishing line, basically, that's sold in a fishing store. Talk about that.
Absolutely. What was uncovered in trials a few years ago, and what we're working up, the backstory, even, even deeper. What some companies do, not necessarily all of them, but several companies do this is they use a non-medical grade by-product so literally just bottom shelf, not approved for human usage type stuff. It breaks down, it degrades.
It actually says not app, approved for human use, right?
Right. The stuff that you get from the factory actually comes with a warning that says, do not use this in the human body.
But they used it anyway.
They used it anyway, and what we're also discovering, Mike, is that they are coming up with different essentially shell companies to run this stuff through. So people don't know any better. That's another thing we're discovering.
Well, what do you mean by that? They're, they're, they're setting up shell companies. They're moving from the manufacturer of the, of the material, moving through a shell company, and then moving to the people who create the mesh product.
Right. Right.
To try to wash the information.
Absolutely. Absolutely.
Okay. So as this goes far, as this goes forward, we're talking about a hernia mesh. What kind of injury does it cause? What, what should be people, what should people be aware of?
So, so a lot of these products have these gimmicky coatings and things like that on them.

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