Trump Supporters Are Threatening Judges For Prosecuting Capitol Rioters

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Published on 25 Oct 2021, 17:00
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Federal judges are sounding the alarm bells about Trump supporters as they continue to issue various threats of violence against these judges for prosecuting the January 6th Capitol Rioters. These judges need to be brought in front of the Select Committee to tell their stories so that the broader public can understand exactly what is going on in the deranged minds of the MAGA cultists. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Last week during a hearing a US district judge expressed concern about the amount of death threats that he and his fellow judges across the country have been receiving for prosecuting the Capitol rioters. This judge, Reggie Walton, explains that the phone calls, the death threats, everything that he and his colleagues are getting is coming directly from the Trump supporters and it's coming because they're the ones putting the Capitol rioters rightfully in jail. So what's happening right now is that these deranged Trump supporters, which that is what they are, are so mad that their brethren who committed these atrocious acts on January 6th are being held accountable that they're willing to call up these judges and say, I am going to kill you. I am going to kill your family just because you're doing your job. This is a sickness, folks. This is a disease. It's a disease of the brain and the MAGA hat wearers seem to be suffering from it at an alarming rate here in the United States.

Because let's not forget, it's not just the judges that are getting these death threats right now. Republican officials, Brad Raffensperger down in Georgia, is getting death threats. He and his family actually, because they wouldn't over, overturn Georgia's election results and declare Trump the winner. Election officials from all over the country are getting these death threats as well for the same reason, they wouldn't overturn the results, and of course, plenty of Trump supporters think that they are in on this so-called fraud that none of them have been able to prove because it simply doesn't exist. These Republicans are living in a fantasy land and it's a fantasy land that is going to have real world consequences. Hell, we've already seen some of the real world consequences and those took place on January 6th. But the psychosis is not subsiding. It's still out there. It still exists with these individuals who want to believe that fantasy land is real and reality is what is actually fake.

These people sincerely do need mental help. But I don't think we have enough trained professionals here in the United States to actually even be able to give it to them at this point. So what do we do? What do we do when we have such a large part of the population that is willing to threaten to murder anyone who goes against their alternative reality? How do we handle that as a country? How do we stop this and how do we prevent them from taking action on their words? If you have an answer to that, please, for the love of God, let us know, because I don't. Things are getting more dangerous in this country for people who have spoken out against the violence and against the lies perpetrated by Donald Trump. And it's only a matter of time before there's one of these individuals out there crazy enough to not just issue the threat, but to try to follow through on it as well.