Republicans Suddenly Worried That Embracing Conspiracy Theories Could Cost Them

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Published on 28 Oct 2021, 20:00
Republican operatives are starting to sound the alarm about elected officials embracing conspiracy theories - specifically, Trump's conspiracy theory that the election was stolen. These operatives are now worried that this move by the Party could cost them big time in the elections, as polls are starting to show that voters are being put off by the new direction of the Republican Party. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening and how it could easily cost Republicans big time - as it should.

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A new report from Politico this week, where they spoke to many Republican operatives, including some who, by the way, worked for Donald Trump, they're once again, sounding the alarm bells, as Republicans are tending to do more frequently these days, about the fact that they're worried that the party has gone too far down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and they may have screwed themselves over for the upcoming midterm elections. And the big conspiracy rabbit hole that they're all worried about going too far down is of course the conspiracy that the election was allegedly stolen and of course we know it was not. You know, we have talked about that at length. No need to go back into that. The 2020 election was definitely not stolen. But hardcore Trump supporters, 77% of them, according to a new poll, believe that it was stolen. And that's a big problem.

But the bigger problem these Republican operatives are warning about is the fact that you have Republicans out there right now, the Trump supporting Republicans, who are saying, we're not going to vote in 2022. We're going to stay home. And you can see these messages all over the conservative social media sites, Gab, Parler, Frank Speech, Republicans saying, I don't trust the system. So I'm not going to participate in it. And we've already seen the real world consequences of what happens. The runoff election in Georgia earlier this year, Republicans, a lot of them ended up staying home and that helped the Democrats take both of those Georgia Senate seats. And now Republicans think the same thing could happen but of course, on a much larger scale in 2022, because too many members of the party are now pushing this conspiracy theory about elections being unsafe, elections being untrustworthy, and it's having real world consequences for them. They deserve this. They absolutely 100% deserve every single thing that they have coming to them because of this.

They knew there was no election fraud, even the Trump campaign knew there was no election fraud. That's why late last year, they basically kicked Sidney Powell off of their legal team because they looked at what she was saying. They looked at the evidence that she provided and they said, this is hogwash. This is pure fabrication. You cannot go out there and say these things because the election was not stolen. That was a memo from the Trump campaign itself, folks. So they knew. They knew back then. And then earlier this year, again, with Georgia, Republicans saw the damage that these talking points do to their own party. So how did they respond to that? More and more of started talking about election fraud. More and more of them started talking about the fact that we can't trust elections in the United States and it's coming back to bite them. And I hope it does. And I hope it bites them hard. And I hope it bites them hard enough to where they understand that spreading lies and conspiracy theories about elections in the United States, never bodes well for the party.