British Royal Navy Delivers Giant Toy to Tigers on the Isle of Wight

Published on 23 Nov 2021, 12:00
The Wildheart Sanctuary teamed up with local services marketplace Airtasker to recruit carpentry expert & dad to design the ‘Tiger Tombola’ toy.

Tigers at The Wildheart Sanctuary in the Isle of Wight were delivered a giant ‘Tiger Tombola’ toy this week after the Sanctuary used Airtasker, the trusted community marketplace for local services, to find a local toy maker.

Measuring 1.3m x 1.4m, the Tombola was crafted by local carpentry expert, Alastair Nye, and took eight members of the British Royal Navy to install it for the tigers.

Earlier this year, The Wildheart Sanctuary commenced a nationwide search for a skilled carpentry and DIY expert to design and create a toy that would stimulate the tigers’ senses and challenge them both physically and mentally. The Sanctuary posted their request on Airtasker, a marketplace that connects people who need tasks done with skilled professionals, and offered £500 for an individual to complete the task.
The Tasker selected was Alastair Nye (aged 41) from Bembridge, Isle of Wight, who’s been an Airtasker member since June 2021, offering his carpentry skills to earn income through the platform. After seeing the post, Alastair pitched his idea of creating a large Tombola toy to be installed in the enclosure for three rescued tigers.

The Octangle toy, made out of plywood, measures 1.3 metres long and has a diameter of 1.4 metres – it’s free spinning which allows the tigers to explore the compartments while it rotates. There’s also a sliding door which opens to a compartment where the keepers can hide treats.

The toy has now been given to the Sanctuary’s three female tigers – Natasha, Zoppa and Antonella – who came to The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in 2018 having been rescued from a travelling circus in Spain by rescue partner, Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP).

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