Joe Biden camp denies he made 'Anchorman' gaffe in reading off teleprompter

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Published on 24 Nov 2021, 11:14
The White House has denied that Joe Biden made another gaffe when he appeared to read out loud an instruction on a teleprompter.

The US president has made a series of gaffes since taking office and he has now been mocked for saying "end of quote" during a speech.

“And, by the way, you may have heard the CEO of Walmart yesterday on the steps we’ve taken. He said, and I quote, ‘The combination of private enterprise and government working together has been really successful,'” Mr Biden said on Tuesday.

“He went on to say, “All the way through the supply chain, there’s… a lot of innovation.” Because of the actions we’ve taken, things have begun to change. End of quote.”

But his aides have denied that Mr Biden was following in the footsteps of Ron Burgundy from 'Anchorman', saying "end of quote" is a turn of phrase he often uses in speeches.

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