'Drug dealer' chucks cannabis out the window in front of police #Shorts

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Published on 24 Nov 2021, 16:11
A SUSPECTED drug dealer opens a window and chucks out piles of cannabis — as stunned police look on.

The man tipped boxes of marijuana from a flat above a shop.

As the pungent weed piled up on the roof of the clothes store and on the pavement, officers could be seen collecting it into evidence bags — even using a dustpan and brush.

Video of the astonishing incident was posted online, with cheeky users quick to point out the shop is called Swag with the slogan: “High fashion for the high street”.

One man recording footage says: “This geezer has ounces and he’s throwing them out the window.

"All of his weed is across the floor. He threw a box straight out the window.”

A viewer said: “Doing illegal activities on top of a shop called swag is just asking for trouble.”

Another added: “Imagine having a drugs den above a shop boasting about high fashion, lol.”

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Suspected drug dealer chucks out piles of cannabis as stunned cops look on

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