Republicans Already Taking Credit For Infrastructure Bill They Voted Against

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Published on 24 Nov 2021, 18:00
Much like the stimulus package that was passed earlier this year, and countless other times before that, Republicans are already trying to rewrite recent history by taking credit for the recently-passed infrastructure bill. Several of them have already been bragging to their constituents about the benefits that will be coming to their areas, without ever once mentioning that they had opposed the legislation in their chamber. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening and why it is so effective.

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It didn't take long after president Biden signed the massive infrastructure bill into law for the Republicans who actually voted against it to come out and start trying to claim credit for it. One of the first was Republican representative Gary Palmer, from the state of Alabama, who boasted to his constituents that this infrastructure bill is going to be huge for you. It's going to help rebuild things. It's going to give a lot of money to this area. It's going to create jobs. We're all going to be better off with this infrastructure package that Mr. Palmer voted against, that Mr. Palmer repeatedly like so many other Republicans attacked. They didn't want it to happen. It was socialism. It was big government overreach. Ridiculous debt spending that the country couldn't afford and blah, blah, blah. Now that it passed, hey, this is great. You get lots of money. Everybody does better. Now this is not the first time that Republicans have taken credit for something that they absolutely opposed.

In fact, it's not even the first time this year that Republicans have attempted to take credit for something that they voted against. As you'll recall earlier this year, every single Republican voted against the most recent and last COVID stimulus package that sent $1,200 checks to American citizens or $1400, whatever it was. And Republicans collectively, every single one of them, including all those never Trump Republicans, voted against it. And then of course, once it got passed, they went back to their constituents and said, hey, everybody, you're getting $1,400 because Congress did this for you. Please love me because this is great for you. Of course, without mentioning to the people, by the way, I voted against it. Then you remember back to 2009, when Obama passed his recovery act, you know, and sent lots of money out into the country, created lots of jobs. Republicans all voted against it. And then of course, as was recently pointed out by MSNBC, they showed up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies. They touted all this great investment in the United States, the job creation that came along with it, told their constituents, this is great for you.

And they all voted against it because this is what Republicans do. You can have your cake and eat it too, because you get to tell your Republican voters that, hey, I stood up to their horrible agenda. I didn't vote for anything they did and also tell them, hey, we got great infrastructure investment, and I'm your Congress person and it came from Congress. So by default, it comes from me, even though I voted against it. It's weird, but it works and that's the worst part about this. The Democratic party needs to go on the offensive in these areas where Republicans who voted against it are running for reelection and run ads reminding the voters, they didn't support it. And then talk about all the good things it does for these communities. Every single county in the United States, every single district, gets money from this. So there isn't a single member of Congress who goes back to their district and says, you got nothing from this. They all get something and it's because of the Democrats. Yes, I know 15 Republicans voted with them, ohh, 15. Who cares? Go after the party as a whole.