Press Sec. Spars with Reporter Over Biden's Debunked Rittenhouse Lie | Direct Message | Rubin Report

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Published on 24 Nov 2021, 19:34
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s refusal to apologize for lying about Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump being proven right over the dangers of the mainstream media’s lies, and Nancy Pelosi’s escape plan from California’s failed policies. First, Dave shares a clip of Peter Doocy from Fox News asking Jen Psaki if Joe Biden plans to apologize for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse. Psaki refuses to admit that Biden lied about Rittenhouse and then tries to blame Donald Trump for supporting white supremacy. The problem is that it is just another easily disproved lie. Next, Dave shares a clip of Donald Trump on Hannity denouncing the corrupt media. With each new exposure of mainstream media lies it becomes harder and harder for even liberals to not admit that he's right. Finally, it appears that the recent smash and grab organized retail theft crime wave in California is waking up some Democrats to the fact that their progressive policies are failing. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sounds like a conservative the way he connects the Bay Area crime wave to policies pushed by people like Chesa Boudin that decrease the punishment for theft under $600. Nancy Pelosi is also planning her escape from California’s crime spike as it has been revealed that she has purchased a waterfront mansion in the red state of Florida.


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