Biden Breaks Climate Pledge And Reopens Gulf Of Mexico To Oil Leasing?

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Published on 24 Nov 2021, 20:00
President Biden promised that he would halt all new leasing for oil and gas companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and he managed to reverse that pledge less than a year after taking office. The administration is now leasing out 80 MILLION acres of the Gulf to fossil fuel extraction, apparently forgetting about the devastation that this kind of environmental exploitation had on the Gulf and its ecosystem and residents a little over a decade ago. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what these new leases will mean both for the environment, and for the future.

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Recently, I came across a headline. This one, particularly from CNN, but similar headlines all over the place, including in some very leftist media organizations, attacking Joe Biden for his decision to open up the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, which Biden pledged during his campaign, he was not going to open it up for drilling no new leases. He said, and then we get these headlines and stories telling us that they've opened up 80 million acres in the already fragile ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling me off. And then you get about two paragraphs into the story and you realize that your anger is a little misplaced. Here's the actual headline from CNN. Why the Biden administration is reopening oil and gas leasing in the Gulf of Mexico. All right, I'm ready to be, but it turns out Biden.

Isn't doing that. Yes. 80 million acres are for lease now, but it's not because of a decision made by the Biden administration. It was because of a decision made by Donald Trump several years ago, when he was president of the United States to reopen the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, put all of this out there said, we're going to hold an auction for these leases, but lawsuits were filed. And that actually prevented the leases from going forward until LA uh, what was it about a week and a half ago? I think maybe a judge, a Trump appointed judge came along and said, you know what? Millions, perhaps billions of dollars are at stake here. And I can't in good conscience block these leases. So we're removing the injunction, which means the leasing, uh, auction has to move forward. The judge specifically said millions and possibly billions of dollars are at stake. That's from judge Terry Dowdy.

So Jen Psaki comes out and says, listen, I know people are, but you got to understand our hands are tied. There's literally nothing we can do right now because the judge lifted the injunction. And because of the measure, Trump put in place, the auction has to move forward legally. And they said, of course, we're going to appeal the ruling. Hopefully we can get another injunction and we can stop it altogether. So what gets me is that this was framed again, including in some very leftist media outlets that I'm not going to name because I really liked them and I don't want to them off, but I am disappointed in them. And I know they watch ring of fire. So I know they know who I'm talking about. This wasn't a Biden administration decision. Trust me, I am not one to go out there and openly defend this administration.

If you're a regular viewer here, you understand that, you know that. So that's why I'm hoping you take what I'm saying very seriously. What this story is about is about the failure of the press in the United States. That's what I'm getting from this. Yes. CNN told the story in the article, the headline didn't lead you to believe that, and this wasn't the original headline they had on the article, by the way, it said Biden, betrays, climate pledge, and opens up Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling.