Planet Normal: Matt Ridley on why the Wuhan lab leak theory must be taken more seriously | Podcast

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Published on 25 Nov 2021, 9:54
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Another seven days on Planet Normal means another ‘numpty of the week’ and this time our very own Prime Minister is a hot contender. Liam tells listeners why he thinks Boris Johnson is ‘winging it’, while Allison worries that the PM has been taking writing tips from his infant son following his recent chaotic speech at the CBI conference. But will Sir Keir Starmer's popularity surge as Boris Johnson's dwindles? Or would that be all too... normal?

Also on the podcast: award-winning science writer Matt Ridley boards the rocket to tell our co-pilots why he's spent months investigating the origins of Covid-19. He tells us why swift and widespread dismissal of the Wuhan lab leak theory was a ‘shocking episode in the history of science’, and proposes his solution to see health information shared more quickly, fully and globally.

Plus, the Great British Bake Off causes a stir as our co-pilots reveal who they would have crowned champion.

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