Conservative School Board Members Call For Books To Be Burned For ‘Objectionable’ Content

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Published on 25 Nov 2021, 18:00
Two school board members in Virginia have called for high school library books that they deem to be "objectionable" be BURNED because they don't like the subject matter. The subject matter in question is abuse, drug addiction, and LGBTQ issues. These are all themes in one particular book that actually won a literary award for young adults many years ago, but that isn't enough to save it from the ire of conservatives who don't want their kids to understand the real world. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Conservative members of a school board in the state of Virginia voted recently to ban certain books for containing objectionable content. And the objectionable content was described by parents as sexually explicit content that we don't want our high school kids exposed to because God knows there's no other way, other than books, for high school kids to be exposed to sexual content. Right, folks? Bunch of idiot parents causing an idiot outrage and then your idiot school board voted six to zero to ban the books from the high school library, both the physical library and the school's digital library. But that wasn't enough for two of those school board members, representative Rabih Abuismail and representative Kirk Twigg, and this is from the freelance star, said they would like to see the removed books burned. I think we should throw those books in a fire, Abuismail said, and Twigg said he wants to quote, see the books before we burn them.

So we can identify within our community that we are eradicating this bad stuff. Children, these are children. I mean, they're, they're, they're almost kind of behaving like Nazi children, to be honest with you. The Nazis loved to burn books, and I don't want to make comparisons to the Nazis, but anyway. This is puritanical coming from these people. And by the way, the book that triggered all this was a book, what was it called, 33, 33 Snowfish. 33 Snowfish deals with issues of sexual abuse because the main characters in that had suffered sexual abuse. They'd come through drug addiction and there are LGBTQ themes in it as well. Ah, now you understand why they wanted it banned because it's not because of the sex. It's not because of the drugs. It's because the LGBTQ issues, because that is what makes these Puritans so darned uncomfortable. I don't know if you've watched literally any media recently, which includes commercials, you're going to see LGBTQ themes because they're a big part of this country.

And it's time we wake up and realize that they're really no different than us, at all. They're the same as us. Flesh and blood, just trying to live day to day, make it through this crazy country we live in. Except them. They're not going away and they shouldn't. They shouldn't feel persecuted. They shouldn't feel marginalized. And they shouldn't feel that any book that is sympathetic to their lifestyle or hell, not even sympathetic, but something that just talks about it should be burned. This is nuts. This really is, this is 17 hundreds type. And I'm shocked that we are still living in a country today that wants to burn books. Burn books to protect our children. No. Open the books to protect your children, to protect them from becoming bigots, to protect them from repeating the mistakes of the past. You don't protect kids by burning books. You protect them by having them read them.