Authorities to announce strengthened anti-virus measures on Monday

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Published on 26 Nov 2021, 7:24
정부 "방역강화 종합대책 충분한 검토 거쳐 내주 월요일 발표"... "고령층 추가접종 12월 완료…4주간 접촉줄일 정책 필요"

Health authorities here will MAKE PUBLIC their COUNTERMEASURES in response to the recent rebound in daily infections and severe cases NEXT Monday.
I have Choi Min-jung here in the studio.
Min-jung welcome.

Thank you for having me, Sunny.

So essentially on this Friday authorities were supposed to share a new set of restrictions to better contain the latest resurgence?

That's right. The delay comes as the authorities failed to reach a conclusion after Thursday's special meeting on the matter.

But we do have some rough ideas on the changes that may be made.
FIRST OF ALL, officials are planning to make vaccine passes valid for only around 6 months after full vaccination.
This is mainly to encourage people to get booster shots, as breakthrough infections continue to surge.
And also, people under 18 may soon have to show vaccine passes to enter venues, like singing rooms and indoor sports facilities.
Officials have also considered making vaccine passes mandatory at restaurants and cafes, as well as reducing the cap on social gatherings.
The government's delay in making the decision suggests that it is not an easy task, especially with strong opposition from small business owners.

I see.
And what's the latest regarding the booster campaign for the elderly here in Korea?

As of now, the goal is to complete booster vaccinations for people aged 60 and over in December.

Authorities have been stressing again and again, that it is crucial to speed up this process, as even those vaccinated are getting infected due to waning immunity.

"Seniors aged 60 and above who are at higher risk should immediately get booster shots. Whether or not we can manage the medical system depends on the number of elderly people who have completed the booster vaccinations."

Because it takes around 4 weeks to form immunity after the additional shot, officals also say its important to reduce contact with others during that time.
As of Friday, more than 2-point-2 million people in the country have received booster shots, with the majority administered to those aged 80 and above.

Min-jung how is the vaccination campaign for teenagers advancing?

Well, vaccinations rates among teenagers vary greatly by age.

As of Thursday, four out of ten children aged 12 to 17 have received their first doses, while 17-percent are fully vaccinated.
If you look at 16 and 17-year-olds, seven out of ten have received their first shots, and close to half have completed their vaccinations.
But in the lower age group from 12 to 15, less than 2 percent have been fully inoculated.
And data shows, the lower the age, the lower the vaccination rate.

And meanwhile, the risk of infection among students has increased with the resumption of full in-person classes.
An average of 4-hundred students are getting infected on a daily basis.
And with this being said, authorities have extended vaccine bookings for teenagers until the end of this year.
Those aged 14 and over may also register for surplus vaccines through Kakao or Naver.

Right Min-jung.
Thank you for now.

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