How Ignoring The Warning Signs Brought Us The Donald Trump Disaster

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Published on 25 Nov 2021, 17:00
Donald Trump keeps hinting at a third run for the White House, and it already looks like he would be a lock for the nomination if he were to enter the race. contributor Chauncey DeVega joins Farron Cousins to explain what could happen if Trump gets back into the White House, and why it would be incredibly dangerous for the country.

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Hillary Clinton still seems to get a lot of hate, mostly from those on the left, but a lot of it to, you know, certainly coming from the right, but the truth is Hillary Clinton was definitely right when she warned us about Donald Trump. And of course his basket of deplorables, which they then turned around and used as a badge of honor. But if we had listened to those warnings back then we may not be in the situation we're in today. And joining me now to talk about this is contributor, a contributor Chauncey to owner Chauncey to Vega himself. Thank you for joining me today.
It is always a pleasure.
I just have to say before we even get into this, you know, when I, when I took over the podcast here, my first thought was all right, got it. Got to get, Chauncey got to get them on. You're absolutely one of my favorite people to talk to cause we just have such wonderful conversation. So thank you really for, for being here with me.
Well, I wish more folk had listened to our conversations over the years and warning about this neo-fascist trumping and disaster, because again, we wouldn't be here if the public had chosen to listen to us, to other truth-tellers and yes, to Hillary Clinton.
Well, and you know, that's, that is one of the things I thought about reading this because you and I actually did many segments together, um, you know, in the run-up to the 2016 election, um, back when we were still doing free speech TV. And so a lot of things that you've hit on in this recent piece on salon it's things we talked about at the time, you know, they, they are in fact, the basket of deplorables, it's ridiculous that they made such a stink over this. You, you do have the, the racism that she had warned about the misogyny, all of these things, you know, she looks very precious and in hindsight here, and, and, and I wish people would wake up to that. I know, oh, but she's a neoliberal. Listen, she was 100% correct about the dangers that Trump posed. Wasn't she
Absolutely going back to that truism, that age old wisdom, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I think a lot of these folks who quite literally, and I describe it as Hillary derangement syndrome, based on the emails I received quite literally sounding and reading, like they were having some sort of mental health episode. They were decompensating because the very mention of Hillary Clinton drives these folks into a tizzy. But once you understand something that you and I have been warning the American people about and others as well, this may be the last time you get to vote and something that is superficially, at least a free and fair election. That's the 2022 midterms that Democrats are going to lose the midterms, all the data points that it's going to be a wipe out. Now, the question becomes 20, 24. And again, all signs point to Trump.
If he chooses to run her is in a position with his health to run is going to win. So you have a lot of folk who were trying to be idealists the world that they wish existed versus the world that does exist. This is an existential crisis for the American people for this country's democracy, especially for black and brown folk women, the differently abled, the poor. We can go down the list, vulnerable marginalized communities who already catching hell. This is going to look like heaven compared to what Trump and the Republicans doing their revenge tour.

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