Former Obama Admin Rebrands As Corporate Dems & The Blood Pressure Drug With Cancer Causing Chemical

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Published on 26 Nov 2021, 16:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Obama-era White House officials have since flocked toward the corporate sector, and many of them are now fighting against minimum wage hikes. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more. Plus, a Chinese pharmaceutical company faces a wave of lawsuits after an ingredient in their blood pressure drug Valsartan was found to cause cancer. Attorney Madeline Pendley joins Mike Papantonio to explain the case against the Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical (ZHP), who knowingly manufactured and distributed the tainted medication while cutting corners in its production.

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You want to know what a wall street Democrat looks like? Well, as soon as the Obama administration ended his cabinet members and his staffers all ran to get jobs with corporate America, no surprise. Farron and I have been talking about this forever, these same people from the hope and change thing, like we can do better from that administration, well they're in the pockets, unlimited power in corporate America, unlimited money. That's who these folks are. Joining me to talk about is Farron Cousins, who I honestly believe is the best progressive talker in the business. I mean that. You've been with me, 20 years we've been working together, right. And every year I can, it just gets better and better. So give me your take on this, Farron.
I, I think it's, you know, essentially what we expect. And I love that the folks over at Jacobin Luke Savage specifically, came out with this piece because this is the kind of follow-up that we really need. This is what people have to understand about these administrations that they've put up on a pedestal. Act like, oh, they did no wrong. Trump was terrible, but Obama was wonderful. No, you have former members of the Obama administration actively fighting against unions for Amazon. You have them actively fighting against antitrust for Facebook. You have them actively fighting in court for pharmaceutical companies. These are corporate puppets that came directly from Obama.
What are the blinders that Democrat running, run of the mill Democrat puts on, the blinders that make them so tribal that they can't admit that, you know, this was, this was a wall street Democrat party that now has moved into corporate America. There's no guesswork here. I mean, my God, you got, you starts with Jay, Jay Carney. I mean, Jay Carney is with Amazon. Amazon just, or Amazon is in this, this union fight all over America. Jay Carney is the guy helping drive the train to keep workers down. This was the hope and change guy that came from the Obama administration or Robert Gibbs. I mean, you take it from there.
Right. You, you, you had Robert Gibbs who had, had helped McDonald's try to crush $15 minimum wage, or actually increases in minimum wage. So again, across the spectrum, every big issue that we talk about all the time, the need for unions, need for an increase in minimum wage, breaking up tech companies, you can find these Obama administration fingerprints all over it. You know, Seth Harris, former labor secretary.
Is in there as well. You know, working to, to kill these minimum wage laws that the NLRB says are absolutely essential, but Obama's people.
The hope and change folks.
Hope and change.
Are the ones out there doing these horrible things. But, but the average run of the mill liberal does put on these blinders and they say, well, at least it's not Trump. At least it's not Bush. But no, you can't have that mentality. When they do wrong, call them out for doing wrong.
Send in your comments, criticize us. I don't give a anymore. You have to call it out. And these folks are wall street thugs. That's what they've turned into. This is the hopey and changey group that now is trying to keep wages down. They're trying to keep people from unionizing.

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