Human Trafficking Thrives With Wall Street Funding

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Published on 27 Nov 2021, 16:00
Via KAHI Radio: Mike Papantonio is a senior partner at Levin Papantonio Rafferty, one of the country’s largest plaintiff’s law firms and Papantonio heads pack taking on big pharma, tobacco, weapons manufacturers, the auto industry and now human trafficking.

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And that music, to be honest with you, is a perfect introduction to our topic. He is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio, one of the country's largest plaintiffs law firms, and Mike Papantonio heads the park, or actually the pack, taking on big pharma, tobacco, weapons manufacturers, the auto industry, and now human trafficking. He bases his novels on his own cases, which have been extraordinary and he also is, you know, we're talking about a business, $150 million industry and growing. And there's a hint of a test connected to it. So comes Mike's latest thriller, Inhuman Trafficking. Now Mike also hosts his nationally syndicated TV show called America's Lawyer. Mike, nice to have you with us on the show.
Thank you, Mary Jane. I appreciate it.
Absolutely. So what's this test in Virginia that's coming up?
Well, you've got, what you've got the major center of this litigation right now is going to be Ohio actually, because.
Oh really?
Yeah, it's, the only way you can bring to bear any kind of really impact on something this big is you've got to find a jurisdiction where you can centralize all of the cases. For example, all the way back to tobacco. That's what we did the opioid litigation, which was launched by our firm and you have to have that central place where all the, all the dispositive decisions are made about a particular case. So right now that's the focus because they have such a huge problem with trafficking up there. You'd be surprised.
In Ohio, really?
Yeah. You'd be so surprised at the jurisdictions that you, you would not think as a, is really a big issue, but that's one of them.
I mean, you think mostly, you know, the bigger cities, New York, Los Angeles, you know, Chicago, those kinds of things, and here, Ohio.
That's amazing.
What ends up happening if you were for example, to take the, the type of trafficking, trafficking that takes place by the trucking industry, it originates in LA and it makes its way, they'll put, you know, 10 girls in back of a semi and each one has their own room. They leave from LA and they make them, make their trip across the United States. I-10 or one of the big corridors and all along the way, what they're doing is they're calling truck stops and they're saying, we're going to be there tomorrow. And the people listening understand kind of what that code is. They know what the truck stops are most likely to allow them to pull in and, you know, have these awful people come in and have sex with these girls that are typically underage and then leave. So you are right. The big cities is where it originates, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, but ultimately everybody's affected by it, Mary Jane, it's not, there are really no bounds here.
Who are these sycophants who want to have sex in the back of a truck with a teenage girl?
Yeah, well, it's worse than that, Mary Jane. What's, what's worse about it is we don't, there's no acknowledgement that a lot of this comes from Wall Street. A lot of these businesses can't, they can't operate without money that's loaned to them by finance groups out of Wall Street, out of Europe. Best example I can give you is something that was called Mindgeek. It was in Canada. It still is. It's still flourishing. And the only reason they're flourishing is because of the money that they get from Wall Street. But here's what they do. They're familiar with who all of the trafficked, who all the traffickers are.

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