Republicans Annoyed That Trump Keeps Endorsing ‘Incredibly Damaged’ Candidates

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Published on 27 Nov 2021, 18:00
Donald Trump has never been a good judge of character, and his lack of basic instincts are causing Republican insiders to worry about the people he is endorsing. A decent number of the people endorsed by Trump have been accused of assault against women, while others are embroiled in other types of scandals. That information, taken with the reports of Trump-endorsed candidates actually being less likely to win, paints a grim picture for Republicans' hopes of winning back the Senate in 2022. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican strategists are a little concerned right now about Donald Trump, of course, because Republican strategists are always concerned about Donald Trump. They've been wringing their hands for months and months, trying to figure out what to do. Is his presence going to loom over the midterms and cost us everything? Is he going to jump in the presidential race and cost us 2024? Well guess what, they have a new worry and it's a worry that I actually hit on in a video earlier this week about the problems that Trump has with the individuals that he has endorsed for office. Specifically in the upcoming elections, Sean Parnell from Pennsylvania, I believe in the earlier video I accidentally said he was from Ohio, he's Pennsylvania and of course, Herschel Walker in Georgia. Both men have been accused by women, neither has been convicted or even charged, with different forms of abuse.

And in Parnell's case, the ex-wife, I guess she is now, also accused him of hitting their child so hard that they left a welt on him. So two men, along with a long list of others, as I talked about in that previous video, that Trump has endorsed, and Republicans are worried that Donald Trump backing such problematic people is going to create this permanent stain on the Republican party, as if they don't already have countless permanent stains all over them. And that is a problem. But you know what else is problem? The problem is that Donald Trump keeps interjecting himself in the midterm races. The problem is that he has no judge of character at all. If somebody says they like him and they're with him a hundred percent, he will endorse them. I guarantee you if I announced I was running for office today, and in my announcement video, I said, I love Donald Trump. He's the greatest president we've ever had. I guarantee you, I could get an endorsement from him without him even bothering to look at all the videos I've done over the years. That's how egotistical the man is.

So it doesn't matter if you've got these horrendous allegations against you. It doesn't matter who you are. If you like Trump he'll endorse you and yes, that's a problem for the Republican party. But the bright side of it is it's also a problem for the candidates. Studies have actually shown and yes, they've done studies on this, that getting an endorsement from Donald Trump actually makes you less likely to win your election, drops your chances below 50%. That's how toxic his endorsement is. And of course the studies have also, also shown when Donald Trump endorses you, it creates a flood of cash for you, the candidate, but it also creates a flood of cash for your opponent that typically out raises what the person endorsed by Trump pulls in. So across the board, a Trump endorsement is not a good thing. It is effectively a kiss of death in most instances. And when you couple that with some of the accusations against these individuals, Donald Trump's success rate is likely to take an even bigger nose dive after these elections.