Democrats Are Still Fighting To Get Trump's Tax Returns, And It Isn't Going Well

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Published on 28 Nov 2021, 17:00
Democrats in the House of Representatives are still involved in a legal battle to get their hands on Donald Trump's tax returns, and things did not go very well for them in a court hearing last week. The judge questioned the motives of the Democrats, then tried to flip the script on them by asking how they would like it if Republicans took over the House and tried to get Hunter Biden's tax info. An odd argument and completely unrelated to what's happening, but the fact that this question even came up is not a good sign for the Democrats. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee are still trying to get their hands on Donald Trump's tax returns almost a year after he left office. And based on a recent interaction they had with the judge currently overseeing this, things are not going so well. The judge overseeing the case right now, US district judge Trevor McFadden, who yes was appointed by Donald Trump in 2017, had this to say recently during a court hearing about the Democrat Ways and Means Committee trying to get their hands on Trump's tax returns. This is it and this is, this is nuts, but here's what the judge said. If Congress changes hands in a couple years here and a Republican chairman of the Ways and Means Committee asked for a Hunter Biden's tax returns, are we just going to say, oh sure, you know, we've got to defer to Congress. They've said they're interested in legislating on presidential families. Therefore we've got to turn them over. Is that going to be the administration's position?

First of all, very GOP of you to bring up Hunter Biden. No serious person in this country is talking about Hunter Biden. If you're talking about Hunter Biden, you've immediately lost the plot. Like, I don't take you seriously as a journalist, as a pundit, as a judge, or even as a human being if you're out there talking about Hunter Biden. That's idiotic and it's irrelevant to quite literally everything happening in this country today. But that is exactly what the judge did. But you know what I have to say to that? Okay. Do it. Do you think I care if Republicans subpoena Hunter Biden's tax records? Go for it. I, I genuinely do not care. If they subpoenaed Joe Biden's financial records, good. Turn them on over because if there's something in there you're trying to hide, we need to know about it. Like, since when did having to have full disclosure and transparency become a bad thing here in the United States? I don't know why the judge is like, well, hey, we may uncover some crimes that Democrats do. Good. If anybody is committing crimes, let's expose the crimes. I don't care if they're Democrats or Republicans or even members of Andrew Yang's weird new party.

Expose the crimes if they exist. We can't be so hyper partisan that we don't want crimes exposed when it's our people that do it. This is an idiotic argument from this judge. But honestly it may be enough to terrify the Democrats. It's pretty obvious at this point, Donald Trump is hiding something in those tax returns, in his financial information. Do the Democrats have a legitimate, you know, legislative reason for getting their hands on them? Probably not. I'll be honest, probably not. And maybe it's time they should give up because really the people who, you know, need them, the investigators, they got them. Okay. They're okay. If there's criminal activity in there, we're going to find it. The House of Representatives probably just needs to move on. These are going to be in the hands, if they are not already, of the people who have the ability to prosecute him, leave it at that. But this judge in that statement is absolutely beyond idiotic, beyond partisan, but that's what we've come to expect from these Trump appointed judges.