CPAC President Goes Berserk After Sesame Street Introduces Asian American Puppet

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Published on 28 Nov 2021, 19:00
Conservatives apparently aren't done attacking Sesame Street, and the latest action by the puppet-led program that drew their ire was the announcement of a new Asian-American character (puppet.) Matt Schlapp, the influential president of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) attacked the network for this decision and called for their federal funding to be revoked. But the attacks on the children's program are nothing new for Republicans, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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Republicans have still not given up on their crusade to take down Sesame Street, you know, after Big Bird encouraged children to get vaccinated and they went on about it for about two weeks and we thought that was the end of it. But nope, last week, a new feud was ignited after Sesame Street announced the addition of their first Asian American character, who is a puppet, but they said we have a new puppet. It's an Asian American puppet and there you go. Welcome to the family. Matt Schlapp, the president of CPAC, highly influential within the Republican party was so furious that he tweeted this out. What race is Ernie, is Bert? You are insane PBS and we should stop funding you. Yeah, PBS is the one who's insane, having a meltdown because they've introduced an Asian American puppet.

For the record, I don't remember which one is which, which one's Bert, which one's Ernie, but I know one of them is orange. So I don't know what race that is. Hell, some of them are blue. Some of them are red. Some of them are yellow. Some of them are brown and black and beige. They're frigging puppets. They're puppets that have enraged the Republican party going on a full fricking month now and the Republicans won't let it go. And I assume, as I've repeatedly said, it's because inanimate objects are about the only things that Republicans can debate with or argue with and feel like they're on the same level. People like Matt Schlapp have the intellectual ability of an inanimate object. So they feel like it's right on their playing field, arguing with a friggin puppet. These people are nuts, just absolutely totally bonkers for picking fights with Sesame Street.

But folks, here's the sick and twisted part and I didn't know this until I started digging into this. Apparently Republicans have always had a problem with Sesame Street going back all the way to Richard Nixon. Nixon attacked Sesame Street, this is from Business Insider. Since its earliest days, PBS has been accused of liberal bias by conservatives with president Richard Nixon criticizing public broadcasting during his presidency and many conservatives have since followed suit. Well, of course they have. It's an easy enemy. It's PBS. PBS isn't going to fight back. PBS is all about just trying to teach people to be good to one another. They're not going to get involved in these idiotic political feuds with Republicans because they're actually more intelligent and sophisticated and mature than any Republican we've had in my entire lifetime.

But Republicans do this because it's cheap, because it's easy, because they don't fight back. That's why they pick on them. And, oh, we're going to strip you of your funding. Most of PBS's funding does in fact come from viewers like you, I hate to be cheesy like that, but that is actually where most of their money does come from. So you can strip them of their federal funding. It's really not going to do that much, especially since, you know, Sesame Street now airs on HBO. So, so they're going to be just fine. People like Matt Schlapp On the other hand, I do have serious concerns about if you're willing to have a meltdown over the ethnicity of a puppet.