Back on her feet! Russian volunteers save little donkey with broken legs

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Published on 29 Nov 2021, 4:41
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The story of rescuing an injured donkey began on a highway in North Ossetia, where a resident named Eduard found the cub with broken, bleeding legs. Moscow volunteer Darina Belokurova told about the difficulties on the donkey's road to recovery on Saturday.

"Eduard was driving his car and saw a small donkey and an adult donkey on the side of the road. The small donkey could not stand up, its feet were covered with blood. The adult donkey was already dead. After that, Eduard contacted Natalia, a subscriber of a group helping homeless animals bezdomnih.net_vladikavkaz," Darina said.

Eduard took the donkey to the clinic, where he was X-rayed. Results showed that the baby had fractures of the left thoracic and pelvic limbs.

According to Darina, the clinic also said that they did not have the necessary specialists and equipment for further surgery and treatment. For this reason, the Vladikavkaz group helping homeless animals decided to look for clinics willing to operate on the donkey, and open a fundraiser to transport the cub to Moscow.

The donkey had a successful surgery in Moscow, where veterinaries found out that the baby donkey was a girl. So, they hastily renamed the donkey from Grisha to Grunya.

The two names can still be seen on the door of the stall of the clinic, where the little donkey is now undergoing rehabilitation.

The vet clinic grew very attached to the donkey, so there is a chance that baby Grunya will stay there even after she is fully recovered.

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