In full: All adults to be offered Covid booster vaccinations by end of January, PM says

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Published on 30 Nov 2021, 16:44
Boris Johnson announced the UK government's plan for booster vaccinations Tuesday.

Vaccination is "our best single defence against omicron", the Prime Minister has said, kicking off the Downing Street press conference by urging people to get vaccinated and boosted.

"If you're boosted, your immune response will be stronger", he says, recapping the announcements made by the JCVI yesterday which expanded eligibility among children and adults. And additional 14 million adults, for instance, became eligible for a booster in England alone,

He says the target the government has set is to offer a booster to everyone eligible by the end of January, and the NHS will be working through those eligible by five year age bands.

The Prime Minister adds that people should therefore not try to book their vaccination until they are invited to come forward by the NHS.

"We are going to throw everything at it, to ensure that everyone eligible for that booster will be vaccinated within two months".

He adds that there will be temporary vaccination centres "popping up like Christmas trees", with the military, pharmacies and GPs deployed in an attempt to hit the daily vaccination rate seen earlier this year.

NHS chief Amanda Pritchard was asked whether the target of the end of January is really realistic, considering it would involve giving some three million people a week a shot.

"It is our clear intention to ensure everyone who is eligible has a chance to book that booster by the end of January," she says. "There's no maximum to the number of jabs we aspire to give week on week, but we do need to recognise this will build up."

That's a slightly different wording compared to Boris Johnson, who previously suggested everyone would get - not book - their shots before February.

She's then asked if there are enough vaccine doses to meet targets - it would require some 30 million Pfizer and Moderna shots, the reporter says.

Thanks to the "outstanding work" of the vaccines taskforce, she says, she has absolute confidence in the supply.

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