FULL SHOW: House arrest for unvaccinated Austrians

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Published on 30 Nov 2021, 20:21
Health officials all over the world are scrambling to learn more about the new variant to determine how much of a threat it poses and how to react. At least 18 countries have confirmed cases of Omicron, and now the CDC is strengthening its booster recommendation saying that everyone over 18 years old should get one. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story. (1:09) The origin of the timing of this latest COVID variant are in question after Dutch officials say Omicron was detected in the Netherlands before it was reported in South Africa. RT’s Paula Slier gives us the report from Cape Town. (4:08) Then, Former UK MP George Galloway and writer and Senior Fellow at the Global Policy Institute in London George Szamuely join In Question to share their perspectives of the EU vaccine mandate. (6:36) Iran is back at the negotiating table in Vienna, after months of stalled talks between JCPOA party members but primarily with the US delegation. The US, for weeks, warning publicly that their patience is wearing thin. Meanwhile, Iran saying that there’s no return to the deal without the lifting of all sanctions against the nation first by the US. Professor at the University of Tehran Mohamamd Marandi joins In Question to discuss from out of Vienna. (14:50)

01:09 Booster Shots
04:08 Omicron Variant
06:36 EU Vaccine Mandate
14:50 Iran Sanctions

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