Massive shark chases surfers as they swim for their lives #Shorts 🦈 🏊‍♂️

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Published on 2 Dec 2021, 11:30
#Shorts HEART-STOPPING moment two surfers were chased by a huge shark as they frantically tried to race back to shore.

Heart-stopping footage shows the beast's dorsal fin poking out of the water in Puerto Rico as choppy waves crash around it - just feet away from the pair.

Two people in the water can be seen desperately trying to swim away as the shark thrashes in the water close by at Middles Beach, Isabela.

Surfer Rolando Montes can be seen making a panicked bid to paddle back to the safety of the beach while his pal also tries to get away on top of his board.

Stunned onlooker Jorge Benitez filmed the too close for comfort encounter as his friends fled from the massive predator.

He says sharks are rarely spotted in the area.

"This is the first shark I see," Benitez said.

"Although it's known they are around the areas, but apparently they have enough food so we barely have incidents if any."

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Heart-stopping moment massive shark chases surfers as they frantically paddle back to shore

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