Republicans Are Terrified That Marjorie Taylor Greene Becoming The Face Of The Party

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Published on 4 Dec 2021, 20:00
During a recent panel discussion on CNN, it was reported that Republican lawmakers are growing increasingly worried that Marjorie Taylor Greene is becoming the new "face" of the Republican Party. They are right to worry, as Greene has become one of the most noticeable and vocal members of the Party's congressional delegation, for all the wrong reasons. But their fears may be coming too late, as it already appears that Greene has been far too influential in shaping the direction the Party is currently traveling. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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One of the growing fears within the Republican party right now, according to reporters who've actually spoken to Republican representatives, is that the crazies have become the face of the party, specifically Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now recently, during a segment on CNN, a reporter who says she has spoken to a member of Congress, a Republican member of Congress who told her that it's absolutely disgusting that Marjorie Taylor Greene is becoming the face of the Republican party and of course, as the NPR report mentioned earlier this week as well, they're annoyed that the moderates are being ignored by Kevin McCarthy in favor of the crazies. But that's kind of secondary to the main point that Marjorie Taylor Greene is the face of the Republican party. And to that, I just have to say like, what are you going to do about it? Right. You've sat there and you've watched this, you unnamed member of Congress and you've done nothing.

Where are the other Republican members of Congress who are unhappy about this? Why are you not speaking out? Why are you not going on CNN? Why are you not publicly joining forces with your other moderate Republicans and coming out and saying, we can condemn this behavior. We condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene. We can then Lauren Boebert. We hate Paul Gosar. None of you, none of you are doing that. You know, I am sick and tired of these kinds of stories here, an unnamed person from behind the scenes, but they're totally powerful, says they're not happy with a thing and they don't like it and they wish it were another way. We got reports like that constantly throughout the entire Trump administration, you know, talking about, oh, the staffers are, are unhappy. They hate it. Trump's a horrible person to work for.

He's got temper tantrums and anger problems and they hate it and they want out. Then get the hell out. That was my message at the time, get the hell out. But they didn't. They sat there. They let it happen and they suffered. And at some point, folks, you do have to take responsibilities for your own actions. So if you're a Republican serving in Congress watching this and trust me, I know some of you do, what the hell are you waiting for? If you were waiting for the right opportunity, well, that waved bye to you seven months ago. You've had multiple opportunities to come out and condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene, to condemn Lauren Boebert, to condemn Paul Gosar and you've all spectacularly failed to do it. So I don't care about your little rumblings behind the scenes. I don't care that, oh, I'm so mad at Kevin McCarthy for not listening to the moderates.

Grow a pair, grow a pair, call up CNN and say, hey, I want to come on and do an interview because I'm going to trash fellow Republican lawmakers, because they're all. You could do that. You could do that today. Hell, send me a message on Twitter, I'll get you on Ring of Fire right now and we'll have that discussion. I will let you talk freely. But until you do this, all your little grumblings behind the scenes mean absolutely nothing. So I don't want to hear about it anymore. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the face of the Republican party and as long as you spineless cowards sit there behind the scenes, you know, twiddling your thumbs.