Bob Dole, Senate Legend Who Championed Compromise, Dies at 98

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Published on 5 Dec 2021, 18:24
“As a young man in a small town,” Bob Dole said when he announced his candidacy for the White House in 1995, “my parents taught me to put my trust in God, not government, and never confuse the two.” It was a logical thing to say, when he was running against a government-loving liberal like Bill Clinton; but it also rang untrue from a man who devoted his life to making government work.

When Dole died on Sunday at the age of 98, America lost not just another war hero of the greatest generation or a champion of whole-grain American values or a persistent but unsuccessful presidential contender; it lost a legislator whose faith in the possibility of collaboration and compromise seems all too rare now in the Senate chamber that was his high church.

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