Legal Experts think Steve Bannon Is Trying To "Expose" The January 6th Committee

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Published on 5 Dec 2021, 22:00
Steve Bannon's lawyers have requested information from the courts about who the January 6th Select Committee has interviewed. This request came as part of the criminal contempt charges that Bannon is facing. While this information isn't relevant at all to Bannon's case, it has gained support from major media outlets like CNN who want to know who has talked. But legal experts fear this is Bannon's way of trying to "blow up" the committee by exposing what's happening behind the scenes. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Legal experts are now concerned that Steve Bannon might be trying to metaphorically blow up the January 6th select committee in his court filings. So how does he do that? Well, here's how it works. In their court filing Steve Bannon is wanting to post interviews, transcripts and lists of names of individuals who have already testified in front of the committee. So they are asking for all of that information because of course, Bannon is facing contempt charges for not showing up after he had been subpoenaed. So they want all this information from the committee so they can include it in their court filing. And by doing that, it would then make all of this information publicly available, which the committee says, no, we cannot do that. Here's the thing. I despise Steve Bannon. And I understand that the material he is requesting has no bearing on the charges that he is facing.

He's facing a criminal charge of failure to comply with a subpoena. All that information he is requesting and I'm surprised a judge would even entertain this, this is irrelevant. You know, that, that would be like asking, I also want lists of what they ate for breakfast that day, because if they didn't eat that may have changed their mood and that may have decided, made them angrier. So then they decided to hold me in contempt. No, it's irrelevant. What's relevant is the fact that you were requested to show up via subpoena. You failed to do it. That's illegal. You got charged. You do not have the right to have access to any of this other information. On the other hand, if he did release any of this information, would that blow up the committee? Would that destroy anything they've been working on? Would it blow the lid wide open on this whole thing?

What is it, what does any of this even mean? What is the committee trying to hide? Are they trying to get people to testify behind closed doors in sworn testimony so they can use it against other individuals? I mean, I understand that's how investigations work, but Congress, even though it can be an investigative body in this particular instance, it is. Um, what are you doing though? I have always said I think this whole committee should be televised. I don't think any of it should be happening behind closed doors. I think it should be transparent. It should be wide open because when it is not, it opens the door for crackpots like Steve Bannon to try to pull stunts like this. And then of course, when they're not allowed to do it, which I promise you is what's going to happen. Then they get to go back and tell their audience like, aha. I told you they've got something to hide.

Look, they're not letting us release it. They must be trying to fix things. Trying to rig the whole system. That's what he's going to do. Mark my words right here right now. That will be the end result of this and it shouldn't be because we should know what's happening on that committee. That day, January 6th, the very thing they're investigating is something that affected all of us. You know, either physically or psychologically, we all watched it unfold. Much like we sat glued to our televisions on 9/11, watching those horrific events. This was a day just like that and it should go down in history as such. So we, the American public deserve to know what's going on with this committee. Who is there?