US Navy Poisons Thousands With Jet Fuel In Pearl Harbor

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Published on 14 Jan 2022, 16:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Thousands of military families in Hawaii were endangered by toxic drinking water that was tainted by jet fuel leaking from Pearl Harbor. Mike Papantonio is joined by attorney Joshua Harris to explain how the US Navy is now being forced to play cleanup.

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It's been a couple of months since a massive jet fuel leak contaminated the drinking water, thousands of military families in Hawaii. Now the Navy's being tasked with cleaning up this disaster. I have Joshua, Joshua Harris with me to talk about it. Josh, this story has repeated itself so many times, hasn't it? With the military, it's either contractors for the military or the military that are just completely destroying ecosystems. This is a great example of it, isn't it?
And it's something we see come up over, over time and time again. It's something that we're gonna see come up in the future. You just have to understand that when these military installations have these large machines, these jets, these tankers, all sorts of things, they're powered by fuel and it's not solar powered. So when that fuel goes somewhere, unfortunately it goes into the ecosystem where there's homes and communities nearby that are affected by it.
Well, this is 93,000 people that potentially are affected. Didn't they always, already have to move about 3000 people away from a highly affected area?
They, they did. So the, the most recent event was back in November. They believe that there was a fighter jet that had fuel leakage at a Oahu military base and the surrounding communities. They did have to displace almost a hundred thousand people from their homes, because they were detecting petroleum in the water wells at 350 times the levels acceptable for safe drinking water. So those people certainly can't live there.
Well, of course, you know the story on benzine, right? You know how dangerous benzine is. What are some of the physical problems that they're having right now, that they're, the, the early, the early problems because this is long term, man. If they've had exposure drinking benzine, this is serious, this is a serious issue.
The, it is. Some of the early onset issues are people who are drinking it are getting nausea, headaches, rashes, internal digestive issues. One of the things that we're seeing inside of the homes are all of the systems inside the homes that use water, the dishwashers, the washing machines, the coffee pots, the plates, all of those things are being ruined and continuing to cause adverse health effects because they're filtering through that water with petroleum.
You have peoples with their skin peeling off.
There is.
No, no explanation. There's skin simply starts peeling off. These are children, mothers, fathers that have been, you can't bathe in it. You can't, you can't drink it. You can't swim in it. You can't even cook in it. There's no way to make it safe. You can't boil it and make it safe, right?
No. What the Navy's planning to do and they've been starting in the efforts is to flush it with about 25 million gallons of water. The, the well system that is, and then the plan after that is to go into the homes and flush out the homes. But with that much level of petroleum in the system, you almost wonder if it's ever gonna be clean. I mean, these people have been displaced for months at a time over the Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays and having to take the cost of the hotels to, to pay, to be displaced.
How are the residents reacting? I mean, it seemed like they'd be marching in the streets about this. How are the residents taking it?
Oh, they're, they're outrage. I mean, there was a class action lawsuit filed at the end of December that they're trying to hold these management companies accountable because they're not doing what they need.
The management companies. Now tell, talk about the idea, the problem with going after the military versus the management company.

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