Rand Paul Caught On Video Telling Students To Spread ‘Misinformation’ Because ’It Works’

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Published on 14 Jan 2022, 20:00
In case you needed any further proof that Rand Paul is an absolutely vile human being, a video of Paul from a 2013 lecture to college students has reemerged. The video shows Rand Paul - who was already a United States Senator - telling college students to spread "misinformation" to their classmates because, as Paul put it, "it works." He says he did this in medical school, and clearly he still does it today as a Senator. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican Senator Rand Paul, all the way back in 2013 was giving a speech to college kids. And one of the college kids raised his hand and asked a question about midterms, right? Midterms and final exams. The, the bane of every college kid's existence. And Rand Paul, who at the time was a sitting Senator, still is today, obviously, but he told the kids to try to mislead their classmates about what's going to be on a test. Take a look at this absolutely horrendous advice coming from Rand Paul. Again, this is 2013, take a look.

But I would sometimes spread misinformation. So, and this is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important. So one time we're in the library and we're studying for a path test and so we just started spreading the rumor that we knew what was on the test and it was definitely all about liver. Everything, there's gonna be a vast majority question all about liver. So we tried to trick all of our competing students into over studying for the liver and not studying for the kidney and every other organ that's on there. But, uh, so that's my advice. Misinformation works. Uh, so try to, try to trick your opponents into knowing that the test is about something it's not.

So misinformation works, Rand Paul says, it's a great tactic. Now there's several things to unpack from this. First and foremost, Rand Paul as a college student, he and his buddies, he says, would sabotage their classmates. Now he would never cheat. No, no, no, no, no, never cheat. Just lie to people coming for help about what was gonna be on a test. Lie that you had heard something from someone else and oh, look at that. It's all gonna be about the liver when really it's about the kidneys. How bad of a student do you have to be to try to sabotage others just to make yourself look better because you know you can't stand out any other way? See, that was my big takeaway from it, folks. First and foremost, unless the teacher is grading on a curve, sabotaging your other students does nothing to benefit you.

So if the teacher is grading on a curve and you want to get those extra points so your grade can go up, that speaks more to you as a student because you clearly can't make the grades. So you've gotta make everybody else do worse so you get those extra points to boost your grade up a little bit. That's the kind of student Rand Paul clearly was based on that clip. And the second big takeaway is that his tactics never changed since college. The man still continues to spread misinformation to this day because it works, he admitted earlier this week that he spreads these attacks on Fauci, which he knows are completely false, but he does it because it raises lots of money. And as he says, hey, that's just politics. That's just politics, baby. That's how things work. We lie all the time.

And now we know that Rand Paul has clearly been a liar since at least he was in college and he never changed. This is who this man is. And of course, when they show you who they are, believe them because Rand Paul and far too many other politicians, a lot of them, almost most of them on the right pedal in misinformation. That's their gig. That's their grift. It happens in conservative media, it happens in conservative organizations and of course it happens with these Republican politicians. They can't win on their own merits.