Republican Senator Urges Party To ‘Get Louder’ In Calling Out Trump's Election Lies

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Published on 14 Jan 2022, 21:00
In an interview with the Associated Press this week, Republican Senator Mike Rounds said that Republicans needed to "get louder" in their efforts to call out Trump's election lies, and to make sure that they are speaking this message in areas that have been overlooked. Rounds has drawn Trump's wrath for calling out the former President in the past week, and it is unclear why Rounds has suddenly come to realize that the lies are bad. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican Senator Mike Rounds is not backing down his criticism of Donald Trump for continuing to lie about the 2020 election even after Trump came out earlier this week and issued his hilarious statement, saying that he will never support that jerk Mike Rounds again. Well, Mike Rounds has come out late in this week and he added more to it. He said, if we want to keep the trust and gain the trust of more individuals that are wondering, we have to probably say it a little bit louder and in more places that many of us normally either aren't invited to talk or have chosen not to get into the fray. Now that's an interesting comment.

So it's not just look, we've gotta say this and we have to say it more. That's what say it louder means. He doesn't mean literally start shouting it. He means we have to say it more frequently. Our voices have to become louder than the voices on the other side, spreading this big lie. But going to places you ordinarily wouldn't go, you know, or that you would just kind of say, no, I'm not getting into that fray. I believe and of course I can only interpret this the way that I interpret this, I believe that he's talking about going on some of these far right programs and countering their BS narratives to their faces. Going on Newsmax and One America, going on Steve Bannon's podcast, heck maybe even sitting down with Mike Lindell the MyPillow guy and calling them out to their faces, telling them they are lying to their audience and might as well point out too, that they're lying for money.

That, that's why they continue to spread the big lie. See, the media has no dog in this fight. Spreading the big lie is not gonna get people to vote for them. But it is going to get people to tune into their programs because at the end of the day left or right, whoever's in power, doesn't matter to these media outlets. What matters in is how much money can I make? And if they find that it's more profitable to continue to spread these lies, they're going to continue to do it and Mike Rounds is right, step into that fray. Go on these programs that are spreading the lie and call these people out. More Republicans need to adopt this tactic, but I seriously doubt they're going to do it because of course, most of them, unlike Mike Rounds, are afraid of what Donald Trump's gonna say about them. They don't wanna get a mean letter from Mar-a-Lago calling them jerks.

Mike Rounds doesn't care. And I know that again, I disagree with Mike Rounds on every single thing politically, you know, he hasn't done a thing to help any of his constituents this year or last year. He's done nothing. But he is right about this point. And I always like to make that distinction. Okay. Because I did it with Cheney. I did it with Kinzinger. Yes, I agree that Donald Trump is bad just like they do, but those people still suck, as does Mike Rounds. Just because he's right about this doesn't mean he doesn't suck. Okay. He's not gonna somehow support voting rights legislation, just like Cheney and Kinzinger didn't vote for it in the House yesterday. Okay. They're still horrible people. None of them voted for the stimulus checks last year. None of them are supporting things that would actually benefit the American public. They're all terrible. But every now and then they do get it right when it comes to calling out Donald Trump's lies.