Rail Service Restored After Power Outage

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Published on 24 Jul 2008, 4:25
PlusRail Service Restored After Power OutageRail Service Restored After Power OutageThe Associated PressThousands of evening commuters and rail travelers in the Northeast were delayed Wednesday after a power outage snarled train service in the region. (July 23)[Notes:NATS up "It could always be worse/"] Crowds of disappointed passengers looked up at the schedule board at Penn Station .. Only to read this... [Notes:Vid tightshot ... 'Delayed']Amtrak train service from Boston to Philadelphia was severely delayed because of a huge power outage that stretched the entire region. That left thousands of rush hour travelers in New York and New Jersey stranded for more than an hour. But emotions were mixed among New York City passengers .. Forced to wait it out... With delays running as high as 90 minutes. [Notes:SOT Andrea Flynn, Passenger: "I'm feeling really frustrated .... I feel like the train is almost always delayed. and I try to take the train to avoid traffic or air traffic problems and now I'm sitting in this awful train station with no benches and no airconditioning ."] [Notes:SOT Courtney White, Passenger: "I think when there's a delay, there's almost always good reason .. and I think we're so udes to getting things when we want it and how we want it and where we want it , that sometimes these things slow us down. Make us just realize to be thankful for waht we do have."]Amtrak and New Jersey Transit say train service was restored just before six p-m Good news for passenger who were en route when the power went out. [Notes:SOT Micah Gelman: "They told us the power had come back on and we saw a train starting to move ...and they started moving us from one train to another in the middle of the track so that was interesting"] Amtrak says the cause of the outage is under investigation. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****)