Kiev Holds Carnival Ball at Railway Station

Published on 15 Feb 2011, 12:02
On Saturday, the 5th annual masquerade ball "Carnivalia" took place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Visitors from different countries plunged into the holiday spirit at the central train station. Our correspondents from Kiev mingled with the Ball participants.

This year a red carpet for the annual ball "Carnivalia" was spread out at the central train station in Kiev.

In the elite Blue Hall, devotees of secular parties plunged into the carnival atmosphere of the beginning of the last century.

[Tatiana Logush, Organizer of the Ball]:
"Someone had to show that there are luxury rooms, and how balls took place in the past, and it is in these rooms, because the train station - is the vocal room."

The ball is also a special way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

[Dr. George Logush, organizer of the ball]:
"This ball, the Carnival ball should be occurring at a time when winter meets with spring. And you can see winter is making its last revenge. It's snowing, there are two inches of snow on the ground, icy, so I guess after the ball spring will come".

The traditions of 8 countries were presented at the festival: from the Vienna Ball to the Indian carnival "Golly."

In addition, guests were practicing the polka and waltzing right in the hall.

[Marina Sokolova, Member of the Ball]:
"Slippery floors, but everything is easy to understand and interesting."

Irina and Nicholay got acquainted during the waltz.

Their first dance was luck: the couple won the grand prize - porcelain shoes, covered with 24-carat gold.

[Irina Lisovaya, Member of the Ball]:
"I`m very pleased to win, especially because I really wanted to dance the waltz and see that it is not in vain."

Guests from all around the world gathered to participate in the ceremony. They say the holiday succeeded.

[Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira, European Union Ambassador]:
"The most important thing is a charitable purpose. It's also a good way to celebrate the carnival, because I did not know that in Ukraine, carnivals are celebrated. "

[Rajhans Sanjay K., Lecturer]:
"This is one of the most anticipated dates in the cultural calendar of Ukraine."

Guests enjoyed the evening in full and the event only ended at 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

NTD News, Kiev, Ukraine
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