Spreading startup move across Korea: Innovation center opens in Seoul 민간 창업 붐을

Published on 17 Jul 2015, 14:12
Innovation centers that help startups launch their businesses... are the core momentum drivers for realizing President Park Geun-hye′s creative economy.
The headquarters for connecting the regional centers opened here in Seoul on Friday.
For details we turn to our Song Ji-sun.
Without doubt, Seoul serves as a great incubator with one of the best environments for startups.
It is home to one out of five startups here in Korea... and startup support centers are operated on-campus at 38 universities which allows students the opportunity to launch their businesses directly from their classrooms.
The launch of the Google Campus in Seoul - the first of its kind in Asia, is proof of the interest from the private sector in its potential.
Seoul′s innovation center will be headquartered at this facility called ′Dream Enter′ - which opened its doors last year and is actively supporting startups.
Seoul center also offers enough space to accommodate 40 startups... and will hold joint, global demo-days to help them exhibit their business models... which will also be open to startups launched in other regions.

″Interactions between regional innovation centers is increasing... as the nationwide network is almost complete.
The Seoul center aims to share its vast resources of experts and technologies, especially in the private sector here in the capital, with the regional centers.″
CJ, a conglomerate powerful in the entertainment and culture industries... will also provide its global network to startups seeking to expand overseas.
The final phase for opening innovation centers will conclude in Incheon later this month... completing the network of 17 branches nationwide.
Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.