Arirang NewsCenter Investigation Update

Published on 23 Apr 2014, 1:48
Investigators continue to try to isolate what *caused the ship, carrying hundreds of passengers... to tip over...
For more on the ongoing investigation... we'll connect live to our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter...
Eunice... More detention warrants were issued late yesterday?

That's right, Jinjoo... and we haven't seen the end of it yet either... as the courts will consider the cases of two crewmembers arrested yesterday, including that of a man surnamed Sohn, who unsuccessfully tried to take his own life on Monday.
Yesterday... Gwangju District Court approved detention warrants for *four additional crew members... on flight risk concerns... bringing the number of those *detained to seven, including the captain.
The four made their case to the public... telling awaiting reporters the captain *did issue an evacuation order, contrary to wide speculation.
Other claims are being debunked this morning...
The detained crew said they tried to release the 46 life boats on board... but failed to reach them because the ship was tilted 90 degrees. But a screenshot of their escape showed the ship was in fact tilted closer to 45 degrees... and the life boats on board - which were said to be defective - inflated without issue when they reached the water.
The crew left the ship at around 9:40 a.m... which is about 10 minutes *after the passengers were *last told to stay put with their life vests on, by the crew.
Investigators are considering charging some of the crew with homicide.

And those life boats could have saved more than a thousand people had they been deployed... since they hold 25 people each...
Now... there were more travel bans issued on personnel of the ferry company,... tell us more about that

Right... The special investigation team imposed travel bans on 30 *more personnel related to the Chonghaejin Marine Company... in addition to the 44 before.
Investigators really zoning in on how the ferry company managed their ships... and particularly *this ship.
Inspection data released by a opposition lawmaker yesterday... showed that the Sewol-ho ferry was overloaded with *three times more cargo than was allowed by the Korean Register of Shipping after its renovation... which likely caused the ship to lose its balance... after that initial sharp turn... which likely - at this point - triggered the series of events that leads to the eventual capsize.
Relatedly... the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is looking into revoking Chonghaejin Marine Company's business license... as a result of this accident.

Add to that... the fact that the ferry was running behind schedule... and an inexperienced helmsman at the wheel... it seems like a recipe for a perfect storm.