'Diaspora gives the wounded in Ukraine a sense that somebody cares about them'

Published on 23 Feb 2016, 17:12
UT's Viewpoint sits with Victor Hetmanczuk, Canada-Ukraine Foundation President and CEO, member of the National Board of Directors of the Canadain-Ukrainin Congress.

"It started two years ago - we cared after the shootings on the Maidan, in February 2014. While we were here (in Ukraine), we started to investigate what Canada and the Ukrainian diaspora could do for the Ukrainians. And we saw all the wounded people from the Maidan.

We couldn't do anything for the ones who were shot. But we saw the sniper bullets hitting people in the eye. In April 2014, we brought in a team of doctors to evaluate what the needs were and what the community in Canada could do. Besides, we decided we would have the expertise come in and help them do facial reconstruction and micro-arm damages.

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