Bundy’s Son Arrested And Yes, It Involves An Animal

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Hannity: Ukraine Call 'Really Bad'
Published on 31 Jan 2015, 18:00
"Cliven Bundy's 42-year-old son was arrested this week after police say he resisted arrest inside a justice court.

Iron County Sheriff's Sgt. Nik Johnson says the incident with Ryan Bundy occurred Tuesday in a court in Cedar City. Ryan Bundy was in court for a separate matter when deputies confronted him about an arrest warrant.

Johnson says Ryan Bundy told deputies he wasn't going to allow himself to be arrested and got into a scuffle before being detained.

Bundy was booked for investigation of resisting arrest. Johnson says the warrant was for interfering with an officer, but he didn't have any other details."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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