Huckabee's Full-On Islamaphobia - 'They're Uncorked Animals!'

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Published on 9 Aug 2013, 5:57
"Fox News host Mike Huckabee recently asserted that Muslims spend their holy day by praying at the Mosque and then acting "like uncorked animals."

During his Monday radio show, Huckabee discussed the closing of U.S. embassies in the Middle East and said the he knew it was politically incorrect "to say anything unkind about Islam."

"But can someone explain to me why it is that we tiptoe around a religion that promotes the most murderous mayhem on the planet in their so-called 'holiest days'?" he asked."*

Listen to this excerpt from Fox News host Mike Huckabee's radio show and attempt to disagree that he's got some pretty twisted views on religion. The former GOP presidential hopeful said that after Muslims leave prayer service, they're "uncorked animals," throwing rocks and burning cars. But to him, a Christian would never ever do that. This man was the leader of an entire state? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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