Prince Harry Caught Snorting Vodka

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Published on 8 Oct 2007, 14:07
Prince Harry being young and having some fun, but snorting vodka??. Watch the entire show at

BOOZE-loving Prince Harry was blasted last night for snorting VODKA in a potentially lethal drinking game.
Harry, 23, was captured on video as he inhaled a bottle cap full of the neat spirit through his nose while on holiday with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.
In the footage — seen by The Sun — pals egg the royal on as he first takes a SWIG of booze, then SPITS it into the bottle top.
Harry — wearing a Crocodile Dundee hat — covers his right nostril with his finger before taking a huge SNIFF through the other.
He throws back his head to take the full “hit” of vodka — and then reels in shock. The Prince is seen shuddering as his friends cheer.
Last night medics and anti-alcohol campaigners slammed his antics. Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, explained that snorting alcohol meant it was absorbed directly through the lungs — bypassing the liver.

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